मोटरसाइकिल का कौन सा पार्ट्स कब बदलना चाहिए? | Motorcycle Parts and when to replace them |

To keep motorbikes in the best condition possible, they must be given special attention. Investing in the right motorcycle parts, especially when there is a need to, is crucial in prolonging the life of your bike.

How often to change Engine Oil in Motorcycle? :

How a SPARK PLUG works in Hindi :


Car Parts and when to replace them :

Brake pads
Squeezing the brake lever triggers several events in the brake system. The brake pads pass the rotors to forcefully stop the bike. This causes the brake pad to deteriorate over time. Regular wear and tear corrode the brake pads quickly. So, you should always change the brake pads frequently.

Fork oil
The fork is a crucial part of the bike connecting the axle and front wheel to the mainframe. It consists of two tubes between which the fork is sealed completely. The fork oil doesn’t allow the bike to get affected by uneven or bumpy roads. In fact, it is responsible for lubricating different parts of the bike when you are riding it. The first symptom of replacing the fork oil is when you see oil leaking from the tubes of the mainframe.

Bike chain, belts, and driveshafts
These are the most durable parts of a motorbike. They usually have a lifespan of 25,000 to 30,000 km. But you should always check every now and then if the bike chain is slack or not. It should be well-oiled and clean. The mechanic should replace it if it becomes slack.

Spark plugs
Motorcycle spark plugs have to be replaced when your bike reaches 20,000 km. If you notice an excessively wide gap, eroded center wire, or ground electrode, or their combination, you also need to remove the spark plug immediately.

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