22 year old STUDENT have Earned 16 lakhs From Free Blogger [Multi Niche Blog ] | Blog Review 17

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This is the 17th Part of our “Free Blog Review” series . Sanjay is from a Small Town in MP. He has started his blogging journey while he was studying and working part time in Bhopal. He even clean toilets. His story will surely Motivate and Inspire you.

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This Video Contains
1) Blog Review
2) Blog Review 17
3) Google News Blog
4) Google News se kamai
5) Free Blogger
6) Free Blog
7) Earn from Blog
8) Earn From Blogging
9) Multi Niche Blog

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Time Stamp
00:00 Teaser
00:49 Intro
03:00 why Started Blogging
04:03 Left Job
04:23 Lockdown Changed Life
04:47 Google News Se Traffic
05:40 Started Writing on Yojana
06:00 10 Lakh Traffic in 1 Month
06:23 Hired Content Writers
07:16 Google Update se Traffic Down
07:28 Choose bad Hosting
09:26 Mistakes on Sanjay
10:09 Observe and React – Job card
12:55 Perfect Sub Headings
13:37 Internal Link Problem
14:10 Tags Problem
15:00 Multi Authors
16:56 Sitelinks
17:53 Title in wrong Language
18:34 Wrong URL
19:00 Niche Checklist
20:09 Google News Vs Organic Traffic Format
21:12 URL is not good
21:49 Plugins Used
22:42 150 Whatsapp group
23:27 Search Console Data
25:45 Analytics Data
26:48 Adsense Data
29:25 Outro
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  1. सर जी मुझे एफिलिएट मार्केटिंग आती है, तो फिर मुझे गूगल ऐडसेंस या एफिलिएट मार्केटिंग दोनों में से क्या चुनना चाहिए

  2. Great Hard worker and a useful video as well. Q: Sir, Does Google approve other language blogs other than English and Hindi ? Actually, I am from Hyderabad and I want to create a blog in my Telugu/Local Language. I heard that Google won't approve for Adsense for other language websites.

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