5 TIPS To Make Money On Instagram and Land PAYING Clients 😎

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30 thoughts on “5 TIPS To Make Money On Instagram and Land PAYING Clients 😎”

  1. Another incredible video man. About to start creating a specific campaign for instagram for this account @eternalprophecy and for my other brand @destinyarchitect

    You're providing a lot of insights to help this process! Looking forward to investing in your course in the future. Keep it up!

  2. i want to start working on Instagram but i'm just a student and i got no money to invest .. i'm willing to work hard to grow my account and then try to make some money and reinvest it .. do u think this is a good idea ?

  3. Hey Anthony, love your stuff, its super inspiring and has helped me make plunge into the world of Instagram. I just bought my first account today and I noticed that the previous owner had some a follow unfollow bot installed on it. I want to start cleaning the account up but I don't know how to de-activate the bot because I don't know what and where it is coming from. Any advice how to stop the bot, I have contacted the owner already and no response.

  4. Hey Buddy! I am wondering if you could do a video about Instagram Story ADs. I just recently reached up to 180.000 people for just 5$ but i just didnt get like any person to follow me. The AD was pretty high quality and was made for a specific niche. (running, track & field) I was also very specific in the details of reaching only the people that are into running. What did I do wrong?

  5. Hi Anthony.
    I need HELP. My Instagram Account is Glitching a lot and I don't know how to Fix it. I was getting Nice Engagement on my content since Day 1 from all the Hashtags I was using. But suddenly, none of my posts are showing up on any of the hashtag pages….. I am not shadow banned and I need Help. Please Save me

  6. Hello all! I am currently running an ecommerce store. I believe I am in the range of customers Anthony is talking about. I am making daily sales from my store off of instagram shoutouts, but am still using the follow/unfollow method to grow my page. $1,000/month is well out of my current range, but feel free to sell me on your rates if you can grow business instagram accounts.

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