6 Tips How to Grow Papaya Perfectly in the Ground & Containers

6 Tips For Growing Papaya Perfectly in the Ground & Containers
G’Day Folks. Here’s 6 tips and pointers that will help you grow some tasty tropical papaya fruit. Would love to hear about any growing tips you have in the comments below.

Hope you enjoyed the clip & your gardens are booming. 🐟 🌱🍅
Cheers all.

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| Picture credits |
Papaya tree next to building,
By Sengai Podhuvan (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( Cropped by Rob

Papaya in field,
By Judgefloro (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 ( Cropped by Rob

Male papaya flower,
By Ton Rulkens [CC BY-SA 2.0 ( Cropped by Rob

Hermaphrodite & Female Papaya flowers
Forest Starr & Kim Starr [(CC BY 2.0) Cropped by Rob

Papaya seeds,
By Dacnoh (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( Cropped by Rob
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30 thoughts on “6 Tips How to Grow Papaya Perfectly in the Ground & Containers”

  1. Thanks for watching folks & don't forget to click the subscribe button if you enjoyed the video.
    Share the clip around with family & friends if you think they'll enjoy it too.
    Would also love to hear about any growing tips you have in the comments below. 🐟 🌱🍅
    Cheers all & have a top one. 😊

  2. Hey Rob..I grew 3 papaya trees succesfuly and was lucky that all 3 were females/herm and started to fruit.They were growing directly on the ground side by side,no raised bed etc.2 out of the 3 died due to fusarium if im not mistaken right when they were fruiting heavily..Dissapointed but I would like to try again..What should I do to avoid the same misfortune again.Thanks in advance

  3. Hello. Can you tell me a protein that could be used on papaya to last longer. Atleast for 12 days.This is for export purposes. Normally it becomes bad after 5 days when we export it in a reefer container.

  4. Guess what, I have a beautiful 6ft tall Papaya tree here in South Florida, and after almost a year it looks amazing, it started flowering and it's a male, I was sad about it but I decided to leave it since there are a lot of papaya trees around, maybe someone needs my pollination lol.

  5. Hi Rob 🙂 Great Vid mate, I have tried to plant in my ground but I only have a few inches of top soil then clay. My recent Pawpaw trees have all died, I'm assuming due to poor drainage. Info from your vid I'm going to grow in a half 44 gal drum. I understand what to grow it in but my question is for the water reservoir at the bottom, do or can I place a layer of rocks around 6in deep as the water reservoir and drill holes at the top of that 6inch level to drain excess water. does this sound correct? I suppose I'm building a self watering pot. PS I'm in Caboolture north of Brisbane….

  6. Hi Sir, thank you for sharing tips growing papayas. I’m growing papaya in a pot, it has lots of roots. Can I take out and cut some roots and change the soil in the pot? Will cutting the roots kill the plan? Thank you so much

  7. Aloha cuz also im pretty sure all hybred or long gated shape papayas seeds will always be female correct me if I'm wrong saw it on yt, I have y two growing and doing great, there about 2 yrs old and have papayas already,, plus they are self pollinators dwarf size plant, i live on the island of oahu hawaii pacific palisades way up mountain side so far papayas doing great with all the rain we bin getting lately, so try see if I'm right on hybred or long gated variety aloha

  8. nice video. our tree produced a lot of fruits in the first year. but towards the end the leaves had black spots and soon the fruits also had black dots. during the winter, all leaves were impacted! what can we spray to make it healthier? can we buy it from lowes or home depot? can also tell us what fertilizer to use. Thanks. Seenu

  9. Nice video! I started from seeds from papaya from the grocery store and they are growing well. `i lost one due to overwatering. How long from sowing the seed with the plant grow to produce fruit?

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