A COVID-19 “exit” strategy to end lockdown and reopen the economy | Uri Alon

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How can we return to work without spurring a second surge of coronavirus infection? Biologist Uri Alon shares a thought-provoking strategy: four days at work followed by 10 days of lockdown, a cycle that would exploit a weakness in the virus’s biology and potentially cut its reproductive rate to a manageable level. Learn more about this approach — which has already been adopted by both companies and countries — and how it could be a key to reopening the economy responsibly. (This virtual conversation, hosted by head of TED Chris Anderson and science curator David Biello, was recorded on May 20, 2020.)

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30 thoughts on “A COVID-19 “exit” strategy to end lockdown and reopen the economy | Uri Alon”

  1. 4, 10 hour days every other week sounds interesting. But that cuts your personal income by 1/2. How do your pay your Rent or Mortgage? Do people who live in rural areas really need this at all if the “R” value is less than one?

  2. I may be wrong but there is no real evidence suggesting hygiene and masks + travel restrictions with rigorous quarantine and testing would not be enough to keep the growth rate of the virus below 1. China seems to be doing well, Taiwan too, South Korea as well, even Sweden without any formal lockdown didn't fare horribly bad. If people are too dumb to use proper hygiene and masks (given those are available), it is just natural selection doing its thing.

  3. TelAviv drivedata down our throats, puts kids back to school because we might believe the herd immunity lie and stifle others by demanding decisions are data based. We needed money in homeschool more than everywhere.

  4. I would love that the government of my country pay attention at any proposal that people of the world is trying to figure it out to return to normal. Argentina, in fact, Buenos Aires and sorroundigs, with less than 1000 deaths, is in Q since March 20th….

  5. It is seemingly sad for me because here in my country we cannot sooner replace manual labors into automatic machine which means we STILL need humans to do on the spot job. Operational working space where they needs someone's accuracy to finish a work surely cannot be replaced directly. So im 100% agree with his strategy to do four days work and 10days lockdown and self quarantine. In case some people accidentally infected right before they go to work a day after, this is the company's effort to maximize their health protocol so they can avoid second infection before those infected people start working again and send them home to quarantine theirselves and allow who passed or un-infected to do their regular works. Slowly but sure we can regrow our economy and no more layoffs or homeless people because of this pandemic 🙏🏻

  6. The economics of the virus. This is what happens when a morally corrupt society is aided and abetted. We could have a much more fully comprehensible by population inclusion in prosperity with morals because slavery would not exist and our environments would be safe. I mentioned that the lower pollution allowed me to walk more last week. Yesterday, I had to use my professional 3M aspirator like the one on my home page picture. The pollution was close to 50 versus the 2? when I posted last week. As soon as I took the aspirator off to smell the air, my back began to tense up so badly I didn't feel like walking. I put the aspirator back on and voila, tension gone. I don't know if it's just the physics of pollution displacing oxygen or the nerve effect of the pollution on breathing, probably both. Also, on the walk, just like in my neighborhood, I was sexually harassed by four men. One spit at me. A marked increase in aggression with the pollution. Funny, I don't torture anything or anybody when the pollution increases but the morons of the world that get paid for their contribution are permitted this heinous luxury whenever. I've had the police here four time this summer and I don't know if I'll bother calling them again. Officer McMichael said "So what" in response ton my neighbor's illegal fire burning when I called about mental harassment, theft, vandalism, and trespassing and refused to speak with the probable culprit for prevention's sake. That's the kind of attitude that brought us the virus and police brutality in the long run. Everybody is just going to keep their mouths shut until there is a horrible irreversible disaster we cannot recover from without creating worse slave nations like communism for instance, the only other choice.

  7. This idea has already been adopted by a private company a few years ago. I think, carrying out this idea in a controlled environment for a certain period of time and at a limited scale can validate the authenticity of this idea.

  8. What happens if the person gets infected by a family member during his/her 10 days lockdown period & reaches its peak during the 4 days work period? (please bear in mind that no testing has been done since for many other countries it is not easy to access these facilities).

  9. Lots of strategies possible but most of these are theoretically true…. In developing countries like India, the choice of working is not in the hands of the employee especially in the huge unskilled sector….it's a very challenging problem and how effective the 4-10 rule will be in a country such as India is worth thinking….maybe for smaller low population density countries these will hold….

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