B2B Sales Techniques In Hindi (ये है जरुरी बातें) 🔥🔥🔥

Experts says that B2B Sale is very much different from B2C Sale. Some people don’t agree with this term because in both conditions you are convincing customer, so what is difference ? But you should point out that in B2C Sale your customer is generally a common person and his thinking is very normal but in B2B type of sale your customer is a company, you have to convince a CEO or Business Owner. And this man is something smarter than common person. He measure all his deals in profit and loss term.

So there are three major techniques for B2B sale we will explore :-

1) You should try your best to meet the decision making authority of company. If you are meeting a Non-Decision making authority then there is more chances to get a “NO” from your customer. Because there are not rights to say Yes to this type of person and all have the rights to say NO. This is not possible in every condition to meet with top authority but you should try your best.

2) You should understand main problematic key points in your customer’s business. In B2C sale often customers purchase due to their luxuries. But in B2B sale your customer purchases from you because you are solving their business problem. So whenever you are making B2B sale remember to count the key problems of their business and focus on that. Tell them that their business is getting so much loss due to this problem and your product or service solve this problems.

3) If it is possible then create at least 3 offers for your customer. This gives your customer more options and it is easy for him to choose one according to his budget. He knows this first low budget option will solve their problem up to some extent and this high budget option will give them more quality. So make at least three offers.

In this video we are trying to figure out these three basic steps to improve your B2B sale performance. What do you think about this ? Let me know in comment section.

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