BBC attacking China Vloggers, accusing them of disinformation & 700000 UK people stop paying licence


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THE BBC lost 700,000 licence fee payers last year news figures released today indicate.

Thousands of households scrapped paying for the national broadcaster over the course of the pandemic. The data was revealed as part of the TV Licensing annual review for 2020-2021. It indicates that as of March 31 2021, there were 24.8 million Britons coughing up for the licence fee each year. The year before 25.5 million paid for the service.

The drop is a far steeper rate of decline than over the course of the previous year when about 200,000 chose not to renew the licence.

The figures are likely to spark alarm for BBC bosses, who have already admitted the need not to become complacent in the face of increased competition from subscription services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Director-general Tim Davie admitted to MPs in March that the corporation would see its finances significantly hit if there was a continued drop in those paying the fee.

He told the Public Accounts Committee: “We are watching the number like hawks.

“This is the majority of our revenue and is absolutely critical to us.”
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30 thoughts on “BBC attacking China Vloggers, accusing them of disinformation & 700000 UK people stop paying licence”

  1. AJ, one thing to note is that what the vloggers did on their videos was described by BBC as "party disinformation". As one vlogger noted, BBC did not and could not point out any example of "party disinformation" in any of the videos put out by the vloggers. BBC should be able to find numerous examples of "party disinformation" as this is the main point in the BBC article but, no, not a single example was quoted.

  2. BBC lies through its teeth often. Its assertion of Xinjiang genocide and forced labor are just the most recent ones. Like unsubstantiated assertion WMD of Iraq, US/British government "paid" West mass media to fabricate and/or spread fake news. That's why 70%+ American don't trust the West mass media: NY times, Washington Post, CNN, BBC.

  3. Those who dissertation news about China based on unverified third party information or photographs are the culprits to society. They caused troubles to good people and destabilise the affected subjects. Reporters cannot be offering their private opinions to influence the readers or audience and especially without facts checked.

    The laws should be allowed the victims to respond legally and bring the propagators to accountability. This will ultimately discourage fake news transporters including the authors and to ensure them people be more responsible.

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  5. In First Massive Cyberattack, China Targets Israel
    Attack, revealed by FireEye, also targeted Israeli defense bodies and was part of a broader campaign by Chinese intel. It is the first documented case of a large-scale Chinese attack on Israel.
    By analyzing the hacking tools used and comparing them to similar attacks in the past, FireEye concluded that Chinese intel services and their Ministry of State Security was behind the attack.
    On July 19, several countries issued an unusually harsh condemnation of China over its massive attack on the Microsoft Exchange mail server. This attack, which was also attributed to the Ministry of State Security, caused enormous damage worldwide. The statement’s signatories included the United States, Australia, New Zealand and the European Union’s member states.

  6. believe BBC is losing its viewers and subscribers, instead of self-introspect , condemning its partiality and blinkered news reporting, it commences to accuse those white pro-china Vloggers of undermining and sabotaging its Channel.

    in reality, the videos/articles posted by these Vloggers are genuine and impartial to us readers, whereas the reportings/presentations by BBC comprising of attacking and condemning China, even generating fake news/ propagandas to defame and denigrate China, BBC has lost its sanity in truth!!

    feel BBC feels more contented, by venting its anguish on white Vloggers, particularly those stationed in China!!

  7. I used to turn to BBC for accurate, unbiased news. Nowadays, when watching BBC, I cringed at the misinformation and the rhetoric promoted by the western media. No, I'm not paying £179 annually to BBC, to be brainwashed with American agendas. 700,000 cancelled subscribers will agree with me.

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