Biden bored of Ukraine & now moving to start war with China, Also reaction of MSNBC Taiwan war video

Biden bored of Ukraine & now moving to start war with China, Also reaction of MSNBC Taiwan war video

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30 thoughts on “Biden bored of Ukraine & now moving to start war with China, Also reaction of MSNBC Taiwan war video”

  1. The new Aussie Foreign minister visits Beijing,,,,sort of saying, can we sell you wine, lobsters and milk powder again…. we are kind of suffering you know? And in good faith, China sends Wang Yi to visit Australia soon. Maybe, there is no more Aukus by 2023. Besides, some young people interviewed in the streets of Taipei by Asian Boss said that they do not mind changing the national anthem, there is no chance that Taiwan can last a single day fighting China. If the Chinese Navy so long as to blockade Keelung and KaoHsiung for a month, the Taiwanese will be up in arms to burn the whole presidential palace down! Chinese must not kill chinese for any ang moh gao (red hair monkey – Taiwanese Dialect). Chinese are pragmatic people. The hardworking enterprising Taiwanese people had been taken hostage by Neo Con conmanship for a long time and some are really suffering, the economy is stagnant. Just now, I see in Singapore, Taiwanese great quality mangoes for sale a fraction of the price it would fetch usually had they been shipped to China! The businesses are suffering and the DIVIDE and CONQUER tactics of Red and Blue, Black and White, Authoritarian and Democratic knobbing will not work here. The conscript army of Taiwan trains only for 4 months, against a million strong full time professional force with the largest navy in the world with nuclear weapons mounted on hypersonic delivery vehicles? Who is kidding here. The Americans dared not even step anywhere close to Ukraine, let along taking on Chinese, Russians and the North Koreans all at one go. Remember, the joint patrol of nuclear bombers saluting Biden in Japan by the Russians and Chinese, with accompanying fireworks from North Korean nuke tests…. the signal is clear, there are 2 million troops here with thousands of missiles with nukes waiting for you guys. Come baby, who wants to go at it first? Biden just need a storyline to keep his presidency, which may abruptly end in November and his clock is ticking and every one knows it. The more desperate a man gets, he is bound to make more mistakes. We just have to wait for a senile man handling a loaded gun, the safest thing is to stay clear until he shoots himself and emptied his own clip, then the coast will be clear by its own reckoning. There is no need to act, the failing economy will have the Americans up in arms soon to have Biden bidding farewell as the implosion takes out the collaterals in America. Can't just keep printing money and keep telling the same lies. If you want to lie, you better have a damn good memory to make the stories gel. Otherwise, it will boomerang and hurt the one hurling the mud.

  2. I say this so call Taiwan wars will not happen bcos US hv no balls to pull the trigger, US want to use Japan to pull the trigger but Japan lost their balls, Taiwan also lost their balls, Korea kept their balls in the mountains of Kim Jung Un

  3. If America starts a war with China and Russia they will smashed that hard, they won’t what hit ‘em, American military is just glorified by Hollywood movies.. they got there ass handed to them every where they fought with little country’s … Russia has smashed Ukraine, with just Specaile operations, while us behind the war in Ukraine.. imagine if Russia was in war mode ..

  4. Those guys not even qualified as armchair soldiers, the only things they are talking about are the narratives handed to them by NED. Poor American GIs who will become cannon fodders for the white collar salary talking heads.

  5. Meanwhile the mass shootings in schools, malls, and churches etc are becoming rampant. Common! They can even manage their home front issues, what the hell are they even thinking! Human rights my fuzzy Canadian rear! Canada will just be a minion and unnecessary casualty. Sigh…

  6. 22.56: we will do EVERYTHING to deter nuclear war from happening says the woman participating in a mock war game for let sees, oh the fucking irony is too strong for me.

  7. You are right this videos was timed immediately after Biden’s to intensify the Americans mind against China. China doesn’t need to invade Taiwan it is happy with the status quo. Just imagine Taiwan a country whose GDP is less than that of a small province of China, how much can Taiwan keep on spending on its military defense yoy. It is not sustainable. Taiwan major GDP contributors is chips exports and that too will be gone in three years because US is doing restoring its chips manufacturing on US soil. So with big revenue generator gone it will have to rely on tourism and cultural market which is China as the languages, culture and habits are the same.

  8. Funny Revelations;
    All from them have disclosed their vital informations by a publicity, as those anecdote the China into a foul tactics,

    as though reveals their least serious tableplans looks much satire outcome although equally their real-time liveplan parody, as though least serious those represented clowns were apprehendedly not professionally a military experts but the actors defies their original military plans may still undisclosed for this time,

    Japan must not be attentive for this future wars because their military hardwares did not have a large-scale procurements unlike the China must surpassed average quantities enough to unmatched few numbers of quality weaponry.

  9. PTE has made many excellent points. Those who studied Sino Japanese history would absolutely agree that many Chinese still painfully remember the Nanking massacre in which tens of thousands of Chinese civilians were raped and killed by the Japanese. To this day, there are still memorial services held in China. If Japan gets involved with a war over Taiwan, it would offer China the perfect excuse to obliterate Japan. One topic that wasn’t mentioned is China’s advanced drone technology in combination with AI. As demonstrated in the Winter Olympics, China’s drone technology is months if not years ahead of the rest of the world. It has been reported that China would blanket enemy aircraft carriers with drones making them waste expense missiles to shoot them down. As much as Biden may want to go to war over Taiwan, judging by the immediate walk back by the WH after his comments, he is not getting much support domestically.

  10. When indo pakistan war happened in 1971 usa sends nuclear ships to scare india soviet union in turn sends its own nuclear ships to counter usa after seeing that usa ran away and abandon its ally pakistan and know why anyone believe that usa help its allies

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