Caso Cerrado Complete Case | Baby Satanic Sacrifice? 😈

Official video of Telemundo content Caso Cerrado:

Maria is wants to put a restraining order on Cain so that he can stay away from her daughter!


Caso Cerrado
Caso Cerrado is driven by the lovely Doctor in Law Cuban-American Ana Maria Polo. This Show present conflictive and touching cases between participants.


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Caso Cerrado | Baby Satanic Sacrifice? 😈 | Telemundo English
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30 thoughts on “Caso Cerrado Complete Case | Baby Satanic Sacrifice? 😈”

  1. Esa persona realmente es satanico, a mi ni me vengan a contar que es bueno y que Dios es puro amor incluso para esas personas, por favor. Esta persona adora a satanás. Dios es justicia también asi queya veras lo que pasara a quien adora e imita a satanás.

  2. Judge NOT…and the one who gives her child away talks about punishment 🙄 well what her punishment? She a sinner too…worse than Blind is the one who has open eye and refuse to see

  3. This has to be fake. That being said. The biological mother changed her mind about this illegal adoption and fled with her baby. A real judge would order her to repay the money since the woman admitted he did pay her and end it there. It doesn’t matter that the judge doesn’t agree with their religious views. This is America where there is freedom of religion. Just like those people can mutilate their bodies other people can think that implies “satanic” proclivities and decide not to associate with them.

  4. Yo no tengo nda en contra de esas personas pero deberia llevar un proceso conocerlos bien a que se dedican como es su diario vivir para que la doctora ana maria polo pueda darle a esa niña o que ellos puedan adoptar para mi aptuo mal la.jueza no se demuestran las cosas por palabras si no por ellos pero aqui es un claro ejemplo de cuando los profesionales se equibocan

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