Chia CAT Creator Interview w/ Josh from – Digital Spacecast Podcast (Ep 3)

In this Chia CAT creator episode we chat with Josh Painter who is behind the project. He has been working on open sourcing some tooling around the #Chia RPC, creating fungibility for Tokens, recently got listed on Hash.Green, and has been working on the CATMOS ZERO #NFT project which has some cool minting options.

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🌱👨‍🌾 500 TB Chia Farm for ~ 7500-ish USD

2x 25 10TB SAS lots – (paid link, eBay)
3x DS4243 w sleds – (paid link, eBay)
1X r720 W 2X2690/256gb RAM – (paid link, eBay)
8x dell caddies – (paid link, eBay)
1x 9200 8e HBA – (paid link, eBay)
1xQSFP to 8088 – (paid link, eBay)
2xQSFP to QSFP – (paid link, eBay)

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7 thoughts on “Chia CAT Creator Interview w/ Josh from – Digital Spacecast Podcast (Ep 3)”

  1. Hey everybody thanks for the kind words! Quick note: I'm actually wrong on the minimum fees and there is a more detailed discussion over in our Discord channel, but long story short: there are actually TWO fee checks on your txn: first check is "can this txn even be put into the mempool?"

    If the mempool is currently full, the answer is "no" unless that txn has at least 0.00005 XCH as a fee. In this case, another txn with a lower or zero fee will be kicked out to make space. But if the mempool is NOT full, then any txn of any fee may enter.

    Secondly, once the txn is in the mempool, NOW it is prioritized by fee, with no minimum fee required.

    The dust storms we are currently seeing are NOT filling up the mempool, so the 0.00005 minimum fee is not needed. But adding even 1 mojo as a fee will prioritize your txn above the zero-fee dust storm txns.

    Thanks to jon over in Discord for setting me straight!

    Current mempool size (this would be pegged at top if mempool was full):
    Current mempool cost (this is pegged right now meaning txns are being prioritized by fee, so even 1 mojo should help):

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