Commodity Market और Stock Market दोनों के मज़े एक साथ पायें | Mkj FFD Nifty Metal smallcase

Commodity Market और Stock Market दोनों के मज़े एक साथ पायें

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30 thoughts on “Commodity Market और Stock Market दोनों के मज़े एक साथ पायें | Mkj FFD Nifty Metal smallcase”

  1. Should I go for some Lumpsum investment (about 10K) in UTI Nifty Index fund as Market was down by -2.66% Saturday! And today nifty increase a bit% !

    Should I go for investment? Currently having a Negative portfolio I have!

  2. सर जी क्या हम खुद का debt mutual fund बना सकते हे। bond और ncds buy करके । ताकि हमारा investment का risk कम हो जाये। stock market में trade होने वाले अच्छे ncds या bond को कैसे चुने please make video this topic.

  3. Sir aj moneycontrol ma dakha small cap red or or Sab green the…..but Mara grow app ma sab fund na 2.00 -2.50 % red dakharaha ha …samaj ma kuch nahi Aya …plz sir kaya problem ha bataiya na ..
    Sbi blanking & finalcial service ma -2.75%
    Hdfc small cap ma -2.23%
    L&T emerging business ma -2.33%
    Uti nifty index fund ma -2.12%
    L&T midcap ma -1.25%
    Hdfc midcap ma-1.81%
    Moneycontrol ma or grow app ma dono ma alag alag …😕🤔🤔🤔

  4. खुश रहो गुरु… .. लोगो को ख़ुशी बातने से ऐसी चमक आती हे चेहरे पे

  5. Dear Sir, Can you tell how a stock can be bought in which upper circuit limit is being attained/locked daily at 9:15 am itself. A latest example is "Ruchi Soya". Swami Ramdeo's Patanjali Group recently bought the company "Ruchi Soya" when Ruchi Soya's stock price was moving at Rs.3+. Since the date of announcement of acquisition, i.e., for the last about a week, upper circuit limit is being attained/locked in the stock of "Ruchi Soya" daily at 9:15 am itself and this lock is not opening for the whole day/trading session leaving no option to make any buy in the stock. Respected Sir, Is there any solution/way to make a buy in such a stock, can you please guide us. With sincere regards and thanks.

  6. Small case is good, but they charge way too much.
    For every investment, we have to pay them 118 rupees, plus brokerage+STT+SEBI+GST (around 0.5% total).
    If you are investing 7k-10k in each smallcase every month, it becomes same as a mutual fund with 1.5-2% expense ratio.

    If someone has a little programming skills, they can do what I did.
    Just make a simple application to keep track of your investments(or get it built via some freelancer, for some money, if you plan to continue investing in long run).
    There's no point paying so much, that too for managing the portfolio yourself. These smallcase people are charging this money just to put a bucket order for you, and then tracking it. If nothing else, you can do that via excel sheets.

  7. Everybody talking about NIFTY but I see that BSE SENSEX & BSE BANKEX gives more returns than NIFTY 50 & NIFTY BANK. Sir would you make a video on this for your valuable viewers for making better investment decisions.

  8. सर कमोडिटी में चना , चीनी जैसी चीजों में इन्वेस्ट कैसे कर सकते है ?

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