Facebook Marketplace SHIPPING FEES & Tips for Selling Online in 2021

Let’s talk about making money from home using facebook marketplace – could this be the best side hustle of 2021?! I think it might be! Facebook marketplace is evolving with the ability to do shipping to customers all over the country but this also means there are new fees on facebook marketplace. If you make money then they make money! Today I will tell you everything that I have learned about selling on facebook marketplace as an e-commerce site (similar to ebay), fill you in on how shipping works on facebook marketplace, the facebook fees and also give you some tips to sell more on facebook marketplace!

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30 thoughts on “Facebook Marketplace SHIPPING FEES & Tips for Selling Online in 2021”

  1. I have over $600 in items confirmed by Facebook to be delivered almost 10 days ago. And I still have received no money.
    This is making me considered canceling all orders I currently have but have not shipped yet.

  2. I had a buyer on fb marketplace abuse the system, get refunded, and keep the item. It's been several months and it still says they will get back to me in 48hrs. That was in August! I'm out of my item and the 53.00 somewhat dollars she stole from me. Still selling on FB, but that's ridiculous. How do we talk to customer service, if they won't respond?

  3. Hi Lindey, I have a question that is related to your shipping video. I have a certain qty of a particular item and would like to give the buyer a discount if he/she orders more that 1 of the same item. Since I don't know how many units the buyer will purchase, how can I pre-calculate my shipping costs?

  4. Can anyone tell me do I have to ever pay shipping when I drop it off or is that already included with the label? Like if shipping is 8.50 & the person pays that. I just print the label box it & im good?

  5. You don't receive the shipping costs back? That truly sucks…not going to add shipping as an option, no thanks. If I was a big seller, perhaps maybe, but I am not. I will stick with Ebay to do shipping.

  6. Hi .I'm curious about selling on FB Marketplace .I did sell a few items locally in my town. The reason I looked at your video was I want to learn about shipping. And I thought i had read you can use Pay pal as I don't really want to put my bank account on my FB account.

  7. Hey if you could possibly help give me a little clarity on this topic it would help me out immensely. That being said I’m new to the whole fb marketplace world and one of the items I have posted is a pair of Gucci shoes which has been so far getting a lot of hits , Only problem being I don’t have a bank account and 90% of the people interested want to have my item shipped . How do you recommend I go about receiving payment so that the buyer feels safe and trusts that I ship once I receive payment.. being that I don’t have a bank account I don’t know where to have the buyer send the payment ?

  8. Hi Lindsey,
    I have a customer who wants to buy my item on FB using VENMO. If I sell through VENMO shipping is $4, can I still use FB’s shipping label? If so how do you tell FB you received money elsewhere?
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Hi, I wonder if you can just answer me this: If you have an item that weighs more than 10 lbs, how can you offer shipping on Marketplace? The highest weight you can choose is 5-10 lbs and my item is more than 20 lbs. It keeps nagging me to offer shipping, but as far as I can see, it is limited to 10 lbs.

  10. If you buy a SOFA or Furniture that's heavy. Can it be shipped at that kind of weight? I see furniture all the time. I see " ships freight" but the price isn't that high. I wonder if it's a scam. I want a lot of pieces of furniture out there but I am scared of being scammed.

  11. Immediately I received people saying they where interested but they wanted me to verify who I am through google which I did not do but I never got any real people any insight why this may have happened? I only have antique type or vintage items in glass and I have never done this before

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