Frustration With Merch by Amazon Returns? Here’s The Solution

Frustration with Merch by Amazon Returns? Here’s the Solution

This video will teach you how to handle Merch By Amazon Returns.

When it comes to the return Amazon Merch takes care of them for us. We don’t have to worry about customer service and giving the customer a return label. Which to me means its a no brainer for returns. It can be frustrating when we have customers taking advantage of this. When they wear the product to an event and then decide to return it the next day. I believe Amazon wont take the return back they will have the customer just keep the product and they get a free product now and we get hit with the return on our profits for the month.

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9 thoughts on “Frustration With Merch by Amazon Returns? Here’s The Solution”

  1. Perfect timing on your video! I just had a killer month but ended up with like 30 returns and was starting to stress.

    Side note: apparently it is common practice to order something in multiple sizes and then only keep the one that fits best. I noticed a lot of people buying multiple shirts at the same time but in different sizes. Amazon offers hassle free returns so it is truly the nature of Amazon.

  2. I have a nice design that sold quietly well in Q4. In February, I make 24 sales (3 sales x 8) of throw pillows with this design. In March, I sold another 8 of them! In total, I sold 32 pieces! Guess what: the customers returned the 24 of them back! Oh yes! I lost 75% of my sales and the money was good! The design is cool and it fits perfectly on a black background. I suppose the reason for these returns was the quality of the print on the pillow. Because I have sold many t-shirts, hoodies and other apparel stuff with this design and I haven't any returns yet. As RJ said, we haven't control over the returns. So, what I did do to "solve" this problem? I DELETED the throw pillow listing! I don't want to sell something where the returns are the majority of the sales! And yes, these returns were VERY frustrating for me!

  3. RJ Martinez, sorry to bug you. I recently got approved for Merch by Amazon. My question is, do I need to apply for a Trademark for my Brand? Within 1 to 2 days someone totally copied my work and also put themselves as my Brand! I did report the infringement to Amazon, however it’s been like 3 days! These horrible people are making me feel sick! Any advice from you would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Apart from the high number of returns, what surprises me most is that some of the returns are of products that I sold months ago. Surely there must be a time limit for returns?

  5. Returns have really spiked since they added the "free Returns" tab right on the product page. Since that I was only having like 30-50 returns a day. Since they implemented that last month I had over 100 and already up to 30 this month. So to me they gave the green light for the customers to return it, which in screws us over because think about it. They get the shirts for dirt cheap, they use us to make the design, even if the item is returned, I would bet a million dollars they still made profit off that shirt. Also including if the customer added a second or third item to the cart. So they make a profit either way if the shirt is returned. They don't lose out, we lose out.

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