Give Me 10 Minutes And I’ll Grow Your TikTok Account (Viral Video Structures)

In today’s TikTalk we explore three unique video structures that will help you grow your TikTok followers fast and go viral on TikTok with your next uploads. If you’re struggling to get your videos on the FYP consistently or are currently getting no views on your TikTok videos, this tutorial should provide some good solutions to getting TikTok famous the right way.

Especially considering TikTok updated their algorithm in August, it’s necessary to package your TikTok videos well in order to skyrocket growth on the platform and fix the ‘zero views’ problem that’s been rampant amongst the vast TikTok audiences. Hopefully, this video will shed some light on how you can trend on the For You Page more easily and grow TikTok followers FAST in 2020.


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30 thoughts on “Give Me 10 Minutes And I’ll Grow Your TikTok Account (Viral Video Structures)”

  1. For those of you up to the challenge, try and timestamp the moment I whack my computer! Comment below and I'll give one of you a free TikTok consultation. Also, like the video! 😀

  2. Honestly wondering how I can get more views on videos that are 45 seconds +. The 7 second vids do really well but the longer the video is, the less views it gets

  3. I’m at 28.4k on tiktok and my videos usually get 200-2000 views but I’ve had a couple months that I’ve had millions of views but now it seems like it’s time to quit but I don’t want to I just don’t know what to do

  4. Did you check if your strategies contributed to your market growth in tiktok? check its engagement rate too and not just views, you can do so manually or via phlanx's tiktok engagement rate calculator

  5. Great video! I'm learning! Here a future content idea, "What causes you to take off with phenomenal numbers, then you plateau, or tank!" My videos took off within 1 week gaining 6,000 followers, then instantly tanked with less than 20 new followers next 3 days… although daily views were over 1k. I cranked out videos but it was like my series ran out of gas! What happened??? @dougietech

  6. Dambb he gave me something so I'm gonna subconsciously give back a like. I bet you end all your products in .99 too huh ya scoundrel >D quality tips 👌

  7. This vid helped me a lot!!! I have just decided to take Tiktoks seriously for my personal and business accounts. I am just starting this project and I'd love to get in touch with ppl that are in the same journey to grow together ☺ who's in?

  8. Thumbs up if you had 40-60 views for first 1-5 videos, then 1000+ on 1 video, then go back to 40-60? I want to see how many people this has happened to (I suspect it’s how TikTok makes you hooked)

  9. hello Joseph, really great content, I appreciate your content. The background music is distracting, perhaps consider a different music selection or that you play it softer. Also captions on screen could be helpful.

  10. MAN you are smart and I can tell! the editing and production is top notch, and you explain everything so organized and well and articulate. Amazing tips thank you brother.

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