How do I remove my group from my Facebook Page – Problem solving video April 2020

How to remove your group from showing on your page

We add our Facebook groups to our pages to enhance their visibility but what if you decide to archive your group and you no longer want the group to be on your Facebook business page!

Removing your group from your page is quick and easy. Watch How do I remove my group from my Facebook Page to learn how

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12 thoughts on “How do I remove my group from my Facebook Page – Problem solving video April 2020”

  1. I have a Facebook Profile page, Facebook Business page and also a Facebook Group page. I link the group page to my business page but now I was to unlink it from the business page and like it to my profile page. My question is can that be done.
    Thank you in advance

  2. Anita – I created my Group from my facebook Page, but that page is a business I may close/end so I would like to unlink my group but don't want to lose it
    or lose control of it

    is this possible? you're video describes a different case where you wanted to get rid of your group

  3. I unlinked my group because I thought my group which was a new business Would become a business page and now I’m stuck because it’s just a basic group and I’m not in charge of it. Is it better for sales to unlink and how can I change it into a business page plz.

  4. I linked my group to my business page then I realised it wasn't showing up in the groups I manage but further down the list in the groups I am a member of. I wasn't sure what happened or how to fix it because it shows my business page as the admin of the group and also me as a member of the group. Today I went to change the banner and noticed a red button at the top that said Moderate. When I clicked that it said I didn't have enough permissions to moderate the group…..anyway the Moderate button has now disappeared. I've searched everywhere to find a solution but nothing. I'm wondering if the group disappeared from the groups I manage list when I linked my Instagram to my FB business page. Oh the joys and time wasters

  5. Hello Anita! You mentioned in this video that you have another video where you show how to add the group tab on your business page, can you link it? Also, I don't want my group to show up on my business page, so would hiding the group tab work or would it be better to unlink the group? Thanks in advance!!

  6. Hello Anita! what happens if my profile is not an admin? It will not let me make me an admin, just my page… so I cannot dete memeber or do nothing, even whaen I act as my page

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