30 thoughts on “How to Delete a Facebook Post Topics on Groups”

  1. Que bueno, estoy pensando hacer un grupo en Facebook, y me ha venido genial este vídeo. Voy a poner en práctica ahora mismo todo lo que he aprendido en este vídeo.

  2. Maravillosa información y te lo agradezco esto de los grupos de Facebook es muy útil se lo compartiré a mi esposo que trabaja con esta plataforma por qué está súper interesante tu vídeo 💖

  3. I didn’t know how to do it and with your tutorial I see that it is very easy once I wanted to do it and the truth is that I didn’t even know what I did 😅

  4. Exelente video me va servir muchisimo ya que quiero abrir un grupo de Facebook y pude conocer micho esta plataforma ya que casi no la utilizó

  5. Would you have any idea why I don't have the "post topics" tab between "pending posts" and "scheduled posts"? 

    When I made a new group to test, this wasn't an issue. It seems like my existing page is using groups completely differently and I can't figure out why..

    Any help at all is appreciated!

  6. Thank you for this. It’s the same way in the app on a tablet. You need to go into the admin tools then go to post topics then you can click on the post topic you wish to delete and select delete. This has saved me so much time as I run a business in Facebook group and I needed to Delete some old topics.

  7. Thank you for your helpful videos. I miss the old topics, because the posts were there in chronological order according to the date when they were posted. Is there any way how to reach it in this version? I am asking because I have a facebook group with stories and I need to put the parts in order.

  8. Hi! Do you know how to edit/remove current post topics? Facebook keeps changing things and I don't find any option to do this now that they have become hashtags.

  9. Facebook sucks! I'm really trying to figure this out and it makes it so hard! Including your video it has taken me over an hour of very valuable time to figure this out. I don't even have some of these options. I'm very grateful for your video because it helped me realize that I don't even have some of the options others do, which does not make sense. Thanks so much for this! You earned my subscription!

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