How to get higher quality clients

Isn’t it frustrating when you hop on a sales call only to find out the prospect isn’t the right or doesn’t have enough money?

The crazy thing — many agency owners are wasting valuable time talking to unqualified prospects.

Worse, many take on the wrong clients because they have no idea where the next client is coming from.

Is that you?

In today’s video I break down 6 things you can do to increase the quality of your clients.

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8 thoughts on “How to get higher quality clients”

  1. Greg, thank you so much for your knowledge and wisdom on these six specific topics! I'm truly trying to focus in on streamlining my branding agency — your information is helping me to grow closer and closer to that goal!

  2. Number five is so important. I worked at an agency that grew fast (something like 17 to 110 people in 2 years) and imploded and a huge factor was saying "yes" to everything. This was a great reminder along with the idea that you not only say "No" externally but internally: don't try to master everything but go hard on the one thing that you can actually be the master of. Before seeing your videos I was constantly thinking of all the things that I should know that were related to what I wanted to do. It never occurred to me that a full agency is fully a burden on your core expertise. — joshua

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