How To Leave Facebook Group on App

This time in this video, I will be showing you how you can leave a Facebook Group on your app. This will be shown using your FB app. If you want to see the one on how to do this on the website here is the link.

Many of us use Facebook daily and some for many years. You probably have been invited to groups on Facebook. On my account, I have joined many over the years but recently realized I’m not active or interested in some of them any longer. You might have the same issue and now would like to clean up those unwanted groups. I have written many articles on Facebook and this one will continue this trend. This time we will cover how you can leave Facebook groups which will clean up your account. Before we get into this please check out some of the other videos I have created about Facebook:

YouTube How To playlist:

Now that you have all that new knowledge, it is time to dive into this. Open those Facebook accounts and we can get started.

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