How to Make Money from Game Development

Want to make money from Game Development? Need to know your options for success? This video will tell you 8 ways to earn money from making games.

We all love playing video games – but how great would it be if we could make money from creating games ourselves? It’s definitely not easy to make that dream scenario happen – but we’ve identified eight different methods that you can use to make money from games, and we’ve got tips on each one coming up so that you can determine what’s the best option for you.

We are Ask Gamedev, and this is How to Make Money in Game Development!

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30 thoughts on “How to Make Money from Game Development”

  1. Choose your audience find what people like about the games in that area be distinct but familiar and have fun gameplay with a easy to use user interface and profit

  2. 1: Talk about making video games and how to make money from games. The millions of wannabe developers will watch and think it's possible for them too and buy your one bad game you put out.
    2: Profit.

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  4. For people that want to start making games
    Let me give you some advice.

    NEVER focus on getting money on games
    Instead come up with a game and make it with heart and for people to enjoy
    Not for yourself to get money.

  5. I made a 2d Indie Game,
    Found a good buyer and,
    Sold it for around $2000.

    Now I am making games and making average $5000- $7000 per month.

    But remember the buyer I found was found by luck.

    Luck plays a major part.

    Else I was only offered a mere $700 for a game.

  6. If a player spend 300 hour per month on a online game , how much a game creator will earn? Or dosnt matter , you can make money only from downloads?

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