9 thoughts on “How to Revive Your Facebook Group in 5 Simple Steps”

  1. My group is an online boutique with about 150 members. 20 very active. I've definitely added a lot of fun this year, challenges, appreciation and engagement prizes plus a customer of the month. Working on finding ways to add more value.

  2. I have 32k members in my group but only 4k is active and the chart dropped from 12k to hundreds which is on the verge of death idk why my group is suffering it's a good group last 2 months

  3. Awesome advise! As always…but what can I do to bring people into my new group? I just took your personal branding course last month. I'm on it, I'm being constant but I'm literally adding valuable content to a group with 14 people in it. I've asked them to share the group and they have…How do I cause a stir to get people from my personal profile to join my group? Tips, please!

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