How to see all posts from Facebook Groups in your news feed

***Please note you now have to click on the little upside-down triangle on the “joined” button, for the Facebook Group notification settings**** ( January 2022 ) If you join a group on Facebook you don’t see all posts from Facebook Groups in your news feed. This means you can miss valuable content from your favourite Facebook group.

However there is a simple way of ensuring you see all posts from your favourite Facebook group – just follow these simple steps.

This ensures that Facebook Group posts are prioritised in your news feed and you’ll see every post from a Facebook group.

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10 thoughts on “How to see all posts from Facebook Groups in your news feed”

  1. This is kind of annoying, because I don't want to get notifications for every new post made (that's why I chose no notifications), I just want to be able to see all posts when I go to the group's discussion section. Somebody at Facebook should be fired for this nonsense.

  2. just tried this – however the only option after clicking the ' … ' is manage badges.
    does your trick still work?

    also is there a short cut to unfollow everything, and then refollow just a group of groups (but instead of going through the process you've shown in this video, you just click a bunch of groups, and then 'apply settings' to all of them at once?

  3. This is my current setting but it does not work. Older posts still just randomly appear when they should have shown up hours, days, or weeks ago. Facebook has FUBAR'ed group timelines.

  4. Hii mam , i have some problem in a Facebook page can you please tell me how it will be solve

    I can't post in my group through my page , but last day I did that

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