How to Send Welcome Message Post to New Facebook Group Members

Have you been looking for the Facebook Group New Members Welcome post?
Look no more in today’s video I’m going to show you how to find the welcome post in the new Facebook group and get a few Youtube subscribers for free.

Go to your Facebook Group next to the Public Group is your members count click on the members count or go to more drop-down tap click on people it will take you to the same place where the welcome message post is available.

Create a welcome message post for your new members. Try not to spend too much time creating a welcome message just tell your new members what your Facebook group is about and if they like in the comment to introduce themselves to the group.

Now here comes the part where you can add in your Youtube channel for more people to subscribe for free.

You can add your own custom link by searching for your Youtube channel and adding this to the end ?sub_confirmation=1

Thanks for watching hope this has added value to your business.
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  1. I run a group and noticed that this function is missing – followed your video but still cannot find the function. My group members are showing under "Members" whereas in your video you seem to have a "People" section.

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