How To Setup Proxmox High Availability – [Proxmox Tutorial – HA Clustering Intermediate – Part 5]

In this video we go over how to set up ZFS raid level storage on separate hosts for High Availability clustering. I step you through creating HA groups and priorities. Then we create replication zones for an imported virtual machine, and I demo a switchover event. IT IS FAST!

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0:00 Proxmox High Availability Cluster
1:35 How To Setup ZFS Raid 0 proxmox
4:40 Create a Cluster in Proxmox
7:18 Proxmox HA Setup
9:35 Proxmox Backup Restore
12:10 Proxmox HA Group Priority
12:50 Replication Groups in Proxmox HA
15:40 proxmox zfs performance
16:20 proxmox zfs memory usage
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5 thoughts on “How To Setup Proxmox High Availability – [Proxmox Tutorial – HA Clustering Intermediate – Part 5]”

  1. 7.03 you ve said what I needed to hear. 10g connection between nodes. For that you ll create a vmbr and you ll assign a 10g port in order to work right? If you were about to enable jumbo frames, it gives you the option to set the MTU to 9000 (this is the number for mega frames) at port level and vmbr level. Where would you enable it? only at the port oprion window, only at the vmbr which will be based on that port, or both port and vmbr?

  2. Never create a ZFS vdev using the O/S enumerated device names (sda, sdb, etc.) as they can change when adding/removing drives. Use a unique device identifier like the WWN or serial number (see /dev/disk/by-id)

  3. Cześć, czy te node'y to virtualki ?

    Jeżeli tak – to jak rozwiązałeś problem z siecią wewnątrz proxmoxa ?

    Zrobiłem 3 node(proxmoxa) na hyperv i HA, ZFS działa jak zloto. Ale utworzona VM nie ma dostepu do Sieci i nie mam pomysłu jak to ogarnać dalej.

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