How we’ll earn money in a future without jobs | Martin Ford

Machines that can think, learn and adapt are coming — and that could mean that we humans will end up with significant unemployment. What should we do about it? In a straightforward talk about a controversial idea, futurist Martin Ford makes the case for separating income from traditional work and instituting a universal basic income.

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30 thoughts on “How we’ll earn money in a future without jobs | Martin Ford”

  1. Income, housing, food, energy, health care, etc should all be basic human rights. This whole notion that people have to "earn a living" is cruel.

  2. If there are no jobs how are consumers going to buy there products. We might have manufacturing but if it’s all automated and no workers then only people that might make a profit are the ones at the top increase automation to cut out the work force. It’s all called corporate greed

  3. I am glad all the high skill jobs be taken by A.I in the future cause some accountant are not nice, mainly greedy, but yeah there has to be a basic income otherwise peoples will just dies, no bread on the table, or people will have no financial to purchase a luxury A.I or robots and it all so make us human very lazy with comfortable life.

  4. It nothing new, your called it depression. But not for GOD people if you prepared. No one was ready for the homelessness, Coronavirus,nor kids bring at home schooled!. So no more of yourvrich..people trust and know GOD Provides .

  5. Once the entire production line is automated (including transportation and energy supply) we wont need money anymore. We will just receive our food in our houses by the automated drones and do what we want all day, many people will keep working, speacialy the STEM professionals, doctors and teachers, after all, they actually love their jobs.

  6. Poor Animals they think to, but there's no way out for them, unfortunately the Humans will extinct most of the Animal's on this marvellous Planet, and depend on Artificial Intelligence which is faster and more accurate, which will outstripped man's thinking, and most of them will be dull, because they will let AI do the thinking for them, and the human who can't adapt to the technological World, will unfortunately have no Money, no Money means that Poverty will rise along inequality.

  7. No Ambition No Money!!!
    Spiritual Teachers unfortunately will not pay the rent, so get up and fight to survive, use your Intelligence to overcome the obstacles, never forget that the Human Brain is the most powerful tool that you have!!!

  8. This system should create İTS bad and good rules as a religion and should give award or punishment using the money .so the solution is imitating god's system and atheists should belive this system .imitation ok but believing out.what a dilemma…

  9. BS. Only corruption has increased and that's how people have become rich while the masses have become poor workers. Where do you see the better lives of humans since the replacing of more and more people with machines.

  10. Thinking we have more meaningful and better jobs now compared to those just before the world wars is laughable. Everyone is in it for a paycheck only, everything encourages complacency especially the technology and nobody leaves with any sense of achievement because powerful creativity is instantly killed. Try again, Ford.

  11. What a wonderful setup for Universal Basic Income via the NWO—- People quitting, getting fired or Mandates—- and hence the Govt 'to the rescue'—- via UBI—- ahhh– but connected to the Social Credit System—- AI controlled and Elite Demonic Intended

  12. It still sounds like communist China, to be fair to China though it has the fastest growing middle class in the world peoples standard of living is increasing at a rapid rate, as long as they obey the rules. On reflection I would say is that really any different to the west ? Just different rules.
    I think I’d like to visit China it’s very intriguing.

  13. Instead of basic income, why not produce products and shift the products to necessary homes. So the person running the factory will not get any money using which he can suppress the society. So no money system is better. Since all products are automatically generated using machines, There should be no owners. So no money flow is needed.

  14. they want to keep us in the dark, they will eliminate jobs and we won't see it coming, we will end up dependent on the government handouts

  15. What i conclude from this that in future more people will be doing odd and low level jobs and most blue collar and white collar jobs will be taken by machines, thus creating a 98% poor class and 2% super rich class. Most of the society will intellectually fall to poor class mentality and 2% super rich will rule and even control population with their deadly AI controlled machines like policing, defense, security etc. And Youtube has started to program our minds to accept this upcoming future. Basic wage is a false promise with no guarantee. when the rich know poor has to work to feed himself and he would do anything to feed himself than why to offer a basic wage to him? instead keep him busy from hand to mouth is the best way to control him. My GOD this is a dark future we re gonna have.

  16. I think that if the concept of UBI is ever implemented, it should not be monetary. Basic human rights must be covered by a UBI, so things like food, housing, heat, water, electricity and internet connections should be covered by said UBI. Any luxury on top of that can then be bought for actual money, which should incentivize people to want to work.

  17. So what will happen to consumerism if robots replace jobs done by humans? Will AI robots order mindlessly from Amazon by swiping their credit cards and go into debt?

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