I Joined The 8 Passengers Secret Facebook Group & It’s BAD

So in todays video we will be taking a look at 8 Passengers, Ruby Franke, Kevin Franke, Connexions and more

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28 thoughts on “I Joined The 8 Passengers Secret Facebook Group & It’s BAD”

  1. I would loathe to call his woman a mother, and same goes for the fella. To treat children like this is absolutely disgusting. To think there are many who struggle to have children and these people are treating theirs like sub par prisoners.

  2. The dangerous thing with social media and such easy access to internet is that it's so easy for kids to follow trends , that's the only concern id have when kids seem sudden in their actions if it's a trend.

  3. I disagree with their approach and also yours, Markie. They took the extreme and it pushed you to respond in the opposite extreme. The balance is usually in the middle. But either way, BYU’s dance team (Kevin’s school) dances to non-explicit clips of explicit songs! I am
    their thoughts on that. Maybe Dianne could try to figure out??

  4. I think this parenting style is very unhealthy.
    They give their kids too many wrong messages such as:
    1) being afraid of everything “different” from their little environment and rejecting any other opinion.
    2) repressing their emotions as Ruby said: “you are responsible for your emotions” and if you feel bad it is because “you live in distortion” and need to be fixed.
    3) And they show them that love is not unconditional but something more like "I love you if you behave and do what WE want you to do, and you deserve basic needs such as food and a bed only if you are perfect and responsible”
    4) they are forcing religion on them and are homofibic and close-minded.

    The kids on the other hand seems so smart,I hope they would distance from their parents crazy ideas and be whoever they want to be without feeling bad.

  5. WHAT in the ACTUAL EFF?!!! Did they claim to be “mental trainers”? That would be called a psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, etc. Do these women have medical degrees?
    And TRUTH…”truth can be uncomforable”…HAHA!! That had me laughing. I guess they’re ALL KNOWING beings. 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. I find it very interesting that the rest of her family has not been around her since this all started. I watch 3 of her sisters’ vlogs. The whole family used to get together for holidays, birthdays etc. She’s been absent from family gatherings for at least a year. Her daughter graduated. No one from her family showed up. Her dad recently retired. Everyone was there for a surprise party for him. All of her siblings and kids were there. None of the Franke family was there! When I saw that, I knew something was up. I believe her family has decided to have nothing to do with her. It’s clear that they do not see eye to eye with her.

  7. As someone who has taken child development classes virtually everything she says is the exact opposite of what you should do. They are setting their kids up to go no contact or have a lot of resentment. When the kids get out of the house to go college or start their own lives they will realize how psycho their parents are.

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