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They are hired guns working in inconspicuous offices across the Philippines. Their weapons are computer screens and keyboards. Their mission: to do their client’s bidding. It could be anything from spreading lies about a politician to promoting a particular celebrity. These are the troll armies of the Philippines – online keyboard warriors who work around the clock, furiously posting on thousands of fake social media accounts.

Filipinos are ranked number 1 in the world for the most amount of time spent on social media, with information gleaned online highly influential. Even former president Rodrigo Duterte was accused of using online trolls to win the 2016 presidency by promoting his policies.

In the 2022 Philippines elections, troll armies are back in the spotlight. Undercover Asia investigates who are running these troll armies and how they operate. Can they be stopped?

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About Undercover Asia 9: CNA’s award-winning investigative series Undercover Asia returns for the ninth season to uncover two disturbing trends in China and the unexpected fallout from the pandemic in Asia and beyond.
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29 thoughts on “Internet Trolls: The Unseen Force Behind Philippines’ Politics | Undercover Asia | CNA Documentary”

  1. Reducing Marcos and Duterte's victory just because of disinformation is intellectual bankcruptcy. Good luck to the Liberals in winning the next elections, keep on believing that their base was just made up of trolls, for sure you'll lose badly again. If you think that Filipinos are easily to be fooled, then why they didn't believe the sweet promises of Robredo? Hahaha. We can conclude that Filipinos want strong leadership in the likes of Duterte, they are fed up with the liberals who are all talk, no accomplishments.

  2. Walang problema syo kahot tawagin kang troll, pero alam mo ba na ang ipinaplamon mo sa mga anak mo/pamilya mo ay galing sa NAKAW? Wag mo antayin na sumabog mga bituka ng mga pamilya mo dahil galung sa burak ang ipinakakain mo sa kanila…international pokpok ka..gaga/gago

  3. You used Rappler, the most distrusted news site in the Philippines. It only means this reporter is part of the syndicate. Your syndicate also do trolling but nobody was fooled, the other side's trolls won. It's not their fault they won, it's your fault because your trolls & journalists are incompetent lol

  4. Troll army created by the president himself, BongBong Marcos Jr. and the former Rodrigo Duterte.
    The widespread of misinformation and disinformation was authored by them. May the good Lord bless our country Philippines from these worst leaders. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. To be able to survive?! For spreading fake news?! Seriously?! You're a joke to yourself, your family and to the entire community. When will you realized that what you're doing was and is terribly wrong. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. This is RIDICULOUSLY FUNNY how RAPPLER is featured as the "AGENT" to police any online fake news peddler……Rappler IS THE #1 FAKE NEWS SOURCE. LOL.
    It's unfortunate that people in other countries as well as in the Phils are misinformed and/or blind to see it because they havent dug nor researched deep enough.
    Sigh. Only in the Philippines 🙄

  7. Those who willfully and knowingly (the educated and the non-educated) spread lies are totally blind and ignorant. No thought at all of what's right and wrong because of love of money and the culture of personality. To those who are pulling the strings and the big supporters of these paid trolls, you are FOOLS.

  8. It’s wrong to say, kelangan dahil may binubuhay akong pamilya. Dahil “APEKTADO ang KINABUKASAN ng BANSA ang NAKATAYA. Isa pa, meron sila good source of “INCOME” to support their families. These “TROLLS” only think of THEMSELVES & does’nt care about the. PHILIPPINES.

  9. This documentary should have more views and gain more traction. if you are watching this and you are a legitimate and a real person not a paid troll please push the like button so that it will stay a float so people from our country our beloved philippines can see it on their youtube suggestion and hope that somehow some way they would click it watch it and be informed.

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