Make $350 Per Day COPYING & PASTING Free GOOGLE Images (Make Money Online)

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In this video, I’ll show you a new website that you can use to make money online simply copying and pasting images online. This is free and can be done around the world. This is so simple you can work from home and set all this up and make passive income again and again and this requires no experience to make money online.

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30 thoughts on “Make $350 Per Day COPYING & PASTING Free GOOGLE Images (Make Money Online)”

  1. did give it a go. uploaded 7 images and got 14 views. in the stats of earnings is stated i earned yet $0,01 …… so something is not as stated !! so i will move on.. not worth my time.

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  3. I am so glad Veratti100 on telegram didn't disappoint me after I explained my order and the situation I was facing ,glad he raised me $12,000 for just the little I have to invest with him. Am from 🇺🇸

  4. I really appreciate those that recommend WALHACKK to me on 1nstagram…he's work legit, I had doubting mind about bitcoin investment but now I can testify to it that bitcoin is the best thing to invest right now I invested $5,000 in total with WALHACKK on 1G and I got $15,855 Worth of Bitcoin WALHACKK on 1g uses blockchain Bitcoin mining he's good

  5. I tried this shortly after watching this video. I went with the free plan. You are only allowed to upload 7 photos a week. I uploaded 7 of my own photos, got 10 views so I looked at how much I made. 10 views earned me 1.8 cents. You DO NOT get paid 15 cents per view. So in reality to cash out the minimum $15.00 you must get at least 8,330 views. I'm not saying this is a lousy site, just saying you need a LOT of views just to make the minimum cash out of $15.00.

  6. It was the video where you took John's one video downloaded it. The took like 30 to 40 aff mkting videos and copied them to upload. I'll try and find it. Btw, you do great work. Love your content

  7. oh my god thank you I've been really thinking about my life

    he’s the only one getting me free money g e o r g e e a s y l e a r n i n g m e t h o d .xyz

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