Make $856 In ONE Day | Lazy Way to Make Money With Clickbank FOR FREE (Beginners Tutorial)

Simple and lazy way to Make Money with Clickbank for Free as a beginner and earn $100’s daily. Must watch this entire step by step tutorial.

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About this video ~ If you want to make money on Clickbank, you need to make sure that you can generate traffic to your affiliate links, and in this video, I’m going to show you exactly how to do that.

I will show you a simple Facebook marketing strategy that will allow you to get free Facebook traffic to your website in any niche so you can promote your Clickbank or affiliate marketing offers.

Using these tips, many people have been able to generate well over 100 clicks to affiliate links, their website, to opt-in pages, and more, for every simple short post that they post on Facebook.

STEP 1: Grow your reach

Effective Facebook Marketing requires you to have an audience.

You can easily build an audience on Facebook with an individual profile, and with a business profile.

The strategy I show in the video can be used by small business as well as individuals with equal success in getting leads and Clickbank sales daily.

You can go into Groups on Facebook, and find groups that are in your niche (such as weight loss, make money, etc).

Then, follow the ideas in my video to grow your friend list to as many as you can (5000 is maximum).

Once you have 5000 friends that are all targeted to your niche, you can easily move on to the next step, which is…

STEP 2: Start Your Social Media Marketing Machine!

For Facebook marketing to work, you need to get as much engagement as possible on your posts.

If you post something… And then it gets 50 comments and lots of likes, then Facebook will be quite likely to show it to a huge number of your friends (since your post is kinda “viral” :).

Follow the steps in my video to create awesome posts that get tons of likes and comments – and enjoy free facebook traffic with each post you make.

All this will result in Clicks and Affiliate sales and really is a lazy way to make money with Clickbank for free and you should get started straight away.


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  1. Hi Allan I watch so many make money from home videos every day but you are the ONLY one that makes sense. I have decided in 2021 I am going to stop wasting time and just watch you because everything else is just clickbait. It is so sad how people waste their time making silly videos but I guess some money is better than no money. Thank you for your honesty and hard work that you put in to get this done may you be richly blessed!!!!!!

  2. Just a problem with clickbank is if you are not making sales for certain period of time, you will be charged per day / month. So, make sure you are making sales so you are not charged. Many people dont know this.

  3. I really loved this video Alen! I’m always happy to learn your smart tactics because you are an experienced professional! I request you to select me for the contest because I also commented on the last video! My email is thank you!


  5. Hi) Sorry, I am writing using Google translator, I hope you understand me. As I can see from your videos, you earn very big money, yes, it’s big, well, if I don’t earn money at all, and my wife earns in the civil service in terms of US $ 300 per month, then you yourself understand that this money is only then not to die of hunger. I have a big request for you. I live in Ukraine. In a year will be sixty years. At my age, it is impossible to get a job – they do not take it, and with quarantine the situation has become even worse. You are constantly telling about the possible options for earning, PLEASE, if you have, tell me some option for earning on the Internet, so that earnings are desirable without investment or with minimal investment and bring income at least up to 1000 US dollars per month, which will allow you to pay a loan and life is already better. Sorry to baffle you with my problem. If there is any option, please send the video to me at, if it does not bother you. Thank you!

  6. Hey my friend, thanks for this!! I didn´t know, I´d like to do the same with FB groups, is that possible? because I have groups of health, motivational, make money online and I want to send the right information with the targeted group…

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