Make Money On Facebook | Tips For Success If you want to make money on Facebook realize that you must apply the principles of attraction marketing and build relationships. If you already have an active Facebook account you have a good start on your journey to make money on Facebook.
The number one problem faced by most struggling marketers is that they do not have enough people to talk to about their opportunity, whether it’s an mlm business, a network marketing opportunity or any other business venture. No leads means no people to talk to and the result is no sales or signups and no money coming in.Your friends on Facebook are a ready made source of potential leads for your business because you have already established a relationship with them.
But the key to your desire to make money on Facebook is to use that platform to find more people and to thus generate even more leads. Individuals and Groups on Facebook provide an almost endless pool of potential leads and can be a way to make money on Facebook.
However if you want to make money on Facebook you have to approach it properly. First of course you must have a product or opportunity that provides value in and of itself.
Here are a few very important factors you need to consider as you develop your strategies for attaining your goals for making money on Facebook.
How To Make Money On Facebook Basics
Facebook is a great vehicle to build relationships but you must never be manipulative and pretend to be something or someone you are not. Be yourself and you will attract people like you, who share your likes, values and aspirations. People join and buy from people they know, like and trust.
Your Page and Profile Are Key Elements In order to make money on Facebook you need a personal account but to make money on Facebook you need to create a Fan Page that brands you and allows you to offer value and promote your business and or products. There are many ways to promote your Fan Page through advertising but I am talking here about ways for you to do that without a lot of expense.
To do that share yourself and you will attract people that are like you and you will build a
following and a responsive group of friends and fans. Post your story, who you are and where you are going. Post pictures of you, your family and friends, your experiences and things you are passionate about. Let people know the real you!
Daily Method of Operation
Like any other goal you want to achieve, you must be disciplined and systematic as you
strive to make money on Facebook. You can’t be on and off and scattered in your approach.
You need to post 3-5 times daily and engage in conversations and discussions with your
friends. You also need to connect with 5-10 new people daily and have real conversations
with them. You need to discover who they are, what they like and don’t like, what their problems are and where they are going.
Search out and “like” pages and posts from people in groups related to your area of interest. Focus on communicating by participating in discussions and conversations that interest you. “Like” and comment on the posts of other people in those groups but be sincere and helpful or informative when you do that. You want to find common ground and begin to establish relationships, nothing more at this point. Do not pitch them on your business right off!
Once you have connected and have a conversation with someone add them as a friend and then send them a Personal Message explaining what about them or their posts attracted you and thus why you request their friendship. Once they accept you can now start to build a relationship.
Prospecting To Make Money On Facebook
Once you have built relationships and have established ongoing friendships, you will have a good idea what they need relative to what you and your business can offer. Now you can begin the process of introducing them to your business and your offer.
Just ask them if they are open to evaluating what you have that might help them solve a
particular problem or fill a need they have that has come to light in the course of your
discussions. If they respond affirmatively, send them a link and/or get permission to make contact via phone. Now you are well on your way to determining if they are a good prospect and thus to providing one more potential source for you to make money on Facebook.
You can now qualify them based on what they want and whether or not your solution is what they are looking for. At this point you can get into full prospecting mode and potentially enroll them in your business.
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“The creator of this video may receive financial compensation for actions taken as a result of viewing this video.”
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