19 thoughts on “Man with cane shot, killed after being harassed by group of teens in north Houston: HPD”

  1. so when are people going to rise up against these "teenz" and stop this? Or are we supposed to just pay them "reparations"

  2. "Just another day" of crime in Houston. Nothing is shocking anymore. Our incompetent elected government officials display total ineptitude to provide public safety!!! 🤬

  3. yeh, what a news TITLE, no description of criminal except [group of teens]. Black lives Matter vs a lone old man with cane. Why not just skip this kind of Daily/Hourly killing innocent news? it is NOT news any more. Be focus on illegal Border crossing, illegal overflow all US cities and no specfic so business as usual, just sit and read.

  4. This is just the way it will be in the US. More and more guns in this country. Get used to it, it's our lives everyday because people care about guns more than lives.

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