MATCH CHIEF TM Patch Demo (Line 6 Helix, HX Stomp, POD Go) // Our Matchless Chieftain in your Helix

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HX Stomp:

The MTCH CHIEF TM patch is includes a unique impulse response that matches the HX (Helix, Stomp, POD Go) amp model (the DC30 Ch2 amp model) to our Matchless Chieftain amplifier. The result is that the Helix amp model sounds exactly like our real Chieftain. Finally we get a Chieftain in the Line 6 HX Products :).

Table of contents:
00:00 – Playing Sample 1 – Gretsch Sparkle Jet
00:57 – Playing Sample 2 – Jennings Catalina with McNelly Sparkletrons
01:43 – Playing Sample 3 – Shelton SkyFlite IV (Strat) with Porter strat pickups
02:58 – Playing Sample 4 – Les Paul
03:43 – Hello
03:48 – Do you wish there was a Matchless Chieftain in the Helix?
04:26 – How we got a Chieftain in the Helix (and Stomp and POD Go) – there is no new amp model
05:43 – How is the tone match IR different than a typical cab/speaker IR?
06:51 – A bit about the Chieftain – what does it sound like?
08:32 – More on the features of these patches


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11 thoughts on “MATCH CHIEF TM Patch Demo (Line 6 Helix, HX Stomp, POD Go) // Our Matchless Chieftain in your Helix”

  1. You mentioned your plans to TM the Matchcat patch.. I’m assuming if we’ve purchased the original Matchcat patch we won’t get the tone match one complementary since it’s a different patch. Correct?

    You guys are such a resource to the worship guitarist community. Keep it up!

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