Mydoh Presents – Kids Thinking Twice

With the new Mydoh Smart Card, kids can check their balance and see their earnings before making a decision!

Like, “Is milk bubble tea with grass jelly worth all that dishwashing? Or does special Light Fruit Tea fit their budget better?”

Give your kids the independence they need to make those tough, real-life decisions and take responsibility for their spending.

The Mydoh Smart Card is a safe, secure way for kids to spend. You can see every purchase, track and react to their spending activity. And, because it’s a payment card (not a credit card), they can only spend the money they have. So, there’s little risk of overspending.

Whether your kids earn money through tasks, or you set a weekly allowance, they can spend their hard-earned money smarter with the Mydoh Smart Card.

Mydoh makes it easy for kids to gain real money skills. Your kids build financial literacy through Mydoh Play, earn their own money through Mydoh Tasks, and spend it wisely using their Mydoh Smart Card.

Your kids’ activity is secure because Mydoh is powered by RBC.

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