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30 thoughts on “No Spend WEEK Challenge | Tips for a Successful No Spend | Frugal February | FrugalChicLife”

  1. Due to poor planning I started my month long challenge on the Chinese New Year (2/5)… Ugh. I've meal prepping and even have 'interesting' food. But I've been stalking the delivery options online and seeing all kinds of discounts. I've prevailed, I'm just wondering how long I can take it!! 😫

  2. I’ll take your challenge!

    Well I’m basically going to be doing a no spend month for the rest of the month since i over estimated my income for my budget this month. My boss gave me days off i didn’t ask for which threw me off. I was ambitious with my savings and transferred out $4k to my savings account (including my tax return) before i found out about my schedule change. I NEVER transfer money out of my savings unless it’s an ABSOLUTE emergency so i guess i have to make do. 😩

    Thank goodness i keep a buffer in my checking account and I paid the majority of my bills before hand.

    Wish me luck because its going to be one heck of a ride!! 🎢

  3. My no spenduary was a success! And my no spend February is going smooth because budgeting, naming EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR has become a habit. Habits are golden and once I learned how empowering good money habits are saving money became …..natural! Thank you for your inspiring videos beautiful!

  4. I did a no spend January but having trouble getting back on track in February. Lots of little incidental activities popping up – hopefully this next week will be good for me! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Your speech is so clear and proper, easy to understand and keeps me intrigued. Keep up the great videos.

  6. I'm super late to this video but I loved the tips. As a beginner, I attempted No Spend Feb (prior to this video) and I failed. I had a LOT of spend days. I think me trying to not spend for a whole month was tough but I'm looking forward to adapting and trying out the 'No Spend Week.' I think that'll be easier. Thanks for the helpful video @FrugalChicLife

  7. I am going to use the month of march as my no spend month. My biggest challenge will be to not spend any money at work. I work at a hospital and it can be extremely easy to spend 50 per week in the cafeteria.
    My plan is to stay on my floor during lunch and find something more constructive to do with my free time. I won't be taking lunches because I work overnight and I am trying to stop eating during those hours.
    My no spend month will officially begin this Sunday and it will continue until the end of March. I am going to go extreme this time around because I have a certain amount that I want to accumulate by the end of the month.

  8. I'm planning on trying a no spend week this week, and if I'm successful I might consider doing it every other week except when not possible. I'm already a minimalist and I'm good at saving money. But I go through my designated "whatever you need or want" money so fast, especially on convenience foods. I'd like to be saving even more than I already am, especially since my income is so low.

  9. I don’t know WHY I thought I made this up!… Well I guess I did for MYSELF!😂 I’m almost at the end of my “No Spend Week”.👏🏽❤️ It has been a bit challenging, but not impossible. I haven’t spent on ANYTHING. No extra trips to stores, or ANYWHERE!😆 I purchased petrol, groceries(necessities), and staples prior to the challenge. I meal prepped for home, and have been taking lunch. I’ve been hiking, organizing, budgeting, etc. IT HAS BEEN GREAT!👏🏽❤️

  10. I am here 2021… striving for a no spend year…that started Jan 5….lol lol 😂😆….so with that said today is Jan 17 I am twelve full days sober…Hi I'm Kim …I'm a shopaholic

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