Skillsets You Should Learn During Lockdown (That Makes Money Online)

Skillsets you should learn during lockdown (that makes money online). During the pandemic, businesses that went bankrupt straightaway were the ones who didn’t take their business online. They didn’t have an online delivery mechanism and were slowly wiped out. But you can help change that. In this video, I will be sharing with you how you can develop and market these money making skillsets in order to help businesses during these trying times. Subscribe now:

Earlier in the year, my team and I were in Europe preparing for an event which was of course cancelled in the end. Nobody knew how drastic the changes would be as soon as it hit us, especially when everyone is suddenly forced to work from home during the lockdown. But what if I told you that you could still make money online from the comfort of your humble abode? I’ll be revealing to you the skills that are needed to help businesses sell online as well as how you can market and sell those specific skillsets. Watch this video now to uncover the skills you need to develop and master to make money online.

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0:00 Skillsets You Should Learn During Lockdown (That Makes Money Online)
2:07 What are the skillsets you should learn to make money online?
4:33 How to help business sell online?
9:50 What are the differences between high and low level skillsets?
14:13 How to build an online delivery mechanism?”


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30 thoughts on “Skillsets You Should Learn During Lockdown (That Makes Money Online)”

  1. Creating a number processes for various niches sent out already to over 1000 potential customers, got great feedback already and im sure that the results will come. I keep pushing no matter if I have to continue to reaching out to 10000 ppl. Im commited to it and I will achieve my passive income…YES!! Thx Peng Joon for beeing such an inspiration

  2. It's true what you've said in this video. Some people just learning a skill set for 2 or 3 days and lose interest with excuses like "this thing is hard for me", "I cannot do this", "this is not me".

    What's most important is decide which skill set we want to be expert on and stick to it. Keep learning and practicing until we really become skilled in that particular skill set.

    If we just leave it halfway then finding another skill set everytime, there's no way anyone can be skilled that way. Will be starting from the beginning all over again.

    Decide which skill set to learn. Write it down together with actions that should be done to master the skill. Practice every day. Keep on going!

  3. Peng, I have been learning from russell's books learnibg business from that I love business and selling strategy as well as I am doing that, But really passionate on being a speaker professiona as I an doung everything as a single one man army for my business

  4. am a filipino watching this im still learning how to earn money online this help me to understand the basics of how to earn money

  5. Hey Peng, I have a question. How do you sell yourself as an expert in one place if most clients are looking for example, a social media manager that can handle 5 or 6 different platforms?

  6. Thank you Peng for the cool video! Can't wait for the next one! I've mastered my website development skill and now I'm creating very cool websites, besides this channel watch a lot of entrepreneurs, I'm free to help you with your websites guys!

  7. Peng Joon, you are the real fucking deal. All your information has been EXCELLENT. I was sceptical like most sales gurus but you are a cut above the rest, I mean that. Thanks for the great vids

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