Social Media Marketing for Cosmetologists!

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The purpose of this video is to helps spread some education on how to grow clientele and how to understand social media marketing for cosmetologists. Being a hairstylist is not an easy job, especially since a huge part of it is promoting yourself online. Most schools don’t teach you about online presence when it comes to building clientele, so thats what this video is here for!
When I first got into the industry, times were slow, and it was a struggle to build clientele. Even after I got on social media, I didn’t know how to best use it to grow a clientele, to make matters worse, I lived in a small city that was saturated with salons. Thankfully I finally figured out how to use social media to get a massive reach, and ended up opening up a 6 figure salon that did exceptionally well. Now, after 20 years of doing hair, I stepped away from being behind the chair and I teach cosmetology school, so it is my focus to share the techniques and strategies I learned to help other people be successful in this industry. Growing a clientele will still be work, but this will help shorten the distance to success!

You know I love you boo!

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The purpose of this channel is to educate people on how to simplify proper hair care, and teach them how to do hair and styling techniques.Linwood is a licensed cosmetologist and cosmetology instructor, and he teaches high school aged students on a daily basis.
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30 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing for Cosmetologists!”

  1. Great advice!👏🏾 You're out here doing the Lord's work.😄 This is useful for content creators in general but it's wonderful that you're helping people in your field.❤️💕❤️💕

  2. Thanks for all the valuable marketing tips and content. I’m not a Cosmetologist but understanding the how and value of social media is globally beneficial. For always sharing your unconditional love on your platform with us/GlamFam, YOU (Linwood & Alison) are truly national gems! Stay safe & may god continue to bless you and your lovely family!

  3. Daaaaannngggg! You are walking in your truth! Dude, this was extremely good at teaching. While I am not in your industry, it was beneficial for ANY individual who needs to market his/her business.

    Oh, and while you are dinosaur old in the social media world, you are NOT old. Heck… I’m a boomer! Yes, I’m older than a bunch of folks. In fact, my gray hair can apply for social security!🤣🤣🤣

  4. Haha love the do not do with username lol. Love all the info. I do social media marketing for a cosmetology school/beauty brand and I definitely echo all these things. 🙌🏼

  5. Man, this is uber helpful to everyone in any industry!
    This pandemic really screwed me though. I was planning on going back to the salon after having my son. Now, in Cali, the opening and closings and having to work outside has deterred me from going back. Not to mention I have a newborn (and 4 girls)! All of this and clients still calling me…I hate to break the bad news😖 you inspired me to recreate a few braiding styles. Thank you!

  6. Great content, super helpful!!! Question, where did you get your cell phone ring light? I’ve tried a couple and they didn’t have the different settings, I live the idea of that!!

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