Start an Online Business Today With Forums [ Full Course ]

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Today, In this new free course, I will show you step by step how to start an online business by building a forum and growing it from scratch.

Forums are based on what we call UGC or User Generated Content so that people will help you with this business and create the content for you! Looks great! Yaa?

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Intro 0:00
What Will We Do? 1:04
What is UGC? 2:53
How To Make Money Off This Business? 3:47
Setup The Forum 5:10
Get Hosting 5:36
3 Important Points 9:26
Forum Setup Strategies 11:25
Install The Plugin 13:44
Basic Plugin Configuration 15:02
Install a Clean Theme 18:43
Configure Anti-spam Settings 20:01
Add Content To Your Forum 25:53
Syndicate Content in The Forum 37:43
Monetize The Forum 39:44
Get The affiliate banner code 47:46
Grow The Forum 50:26
General Life Tip 1:00:00

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  1. Hi friends! Thanks For Following!
    P.S: Studies show scrolling back up to smash the like button is directly correlated with building wealth 😅😅

  2. Hi I'm new to your channel but can you give me a favour
    By explaining by this

    3 months EPC = 3.18 USD
    7 day EPC = 11.18 USD
    I think only you can explain this to me
    I'm waiting for your reply

  3. I literally followed this tutorial and installed theme and plugin for a forum in 13 minutes .. using your step by step instructions! Thanks a lot for your video.

  4. Hasan Thank you for all things You had done for us, Lots of Love from India.
    But I have a Question for You regarding WPforo, Please Tell me How can I Stop Spam Users to Register on my Website like I enabled Akismet Plugin but Still Getting 100's Registration Daily and I deleted all those spam users daily. What they do actually is that They provide their website link in their profile which is very bad for my website because I'm getting very bad backlinks. Please Help!!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, Teacher Hassan! I have a forum now on my website. I’m so glad I did it! I will try now to add content and apply for affiliate links. More blessings!

  6. Would you recommend getting an (SMLLC) Single Member LLC for a forum or for a free webtool if it's considered an online business? Do you think it's necessary?

  7. Great video! I've set up my forum now on one of my sites, thanks to this. I would also recommend that everyone makes sure they finish the whole video and learn especially the tips you give in the last 3 minutes. These tips apply to everything in life. Thank you.

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