The Midnight Chase | Critical Role: THE MIGHTY NEIN | Episode 3

The party searches for the devil toad in an attempt to clear their name, finding themselves on a haunted island in the middle of the Usteloch…

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30 thoughts on “The Midnight Chase | Critical Role: THE MIGHTY NEIN | Episode 3”

  1. New word, thanks to Taliesen. Maladick, which, loosely, translates to "bad penis". LOL! Blood Maladick, roughly translated is "bloody penis". HAHAHAHA!!! Love to you all, including the crew.

  2. Comment for the rewatchers:
    Them all cheering when Molly went unconscious and saying "yeah! The first one!" broke me inside a little bit.

  3. A plot-whole – as the town is small the guard should be as well – meaning they should all know each other by name and on a personal level – so the party trying to pass to be any of them would not work this well as they do not have their mannerisms or the actor feat to compliment it?

    Only two things to be wary of, though the latter is crunching.


    1:44:00 to 1:53:20 – Laura, rustling, then quiet eating (some talking while eating)

    BREAK: 2:13:00 to 2:27:50

    2:33:50 to 2:34:00 – Taliesin, crunching

    For more timestamps and info, see criticalmisophonia on tumbler without the e. Have a nice day!

  5. 2:30:30 Marisha says "frog-gigging", not frog-digging. It's a southern thing. That's why Travis (the Texan) laughs and says "Kentucky" to Marisha. A gig is a pronged spear used for hunting fish and small game like frogs. It's also where Texas A&M gets "Gig 'Em!" from- the Horned Frog is the mascot of TCU, one of their rivals (and Travis' alma mater).

  6. Funnily enough, "That video from Ireland" 3:39:05 , i always thought it was daddy (like the closed captions for THIS video say), but that person being referred to in the video is called Derry, and there's a whole bunch of videos with those people.

  7. 3:55 Laura: "Look I gave him a dice and he gave me a dice!"

    8:45 We're totally good

    9:20 Sam and Laura both roll ones with their traded Dice. Sam promptly throws his away

    13:34 Rewind

    22:37 Dice has some moves

    23:36 Jester accomplishes nothing

    25:41 Get the hell out of dodge

    30:20 The golden snitch makes an appearance. Leads to man down.

    32:00 Dead or unconsciousness? There's a difference.

    35:00 Officially the cleric

    40:16 Nope

    44:13 Not sponsored

    59:14 Travis is superstitious too

    1:07:56 No shit

    1:10:58 LEVEL 2 chant #1

    1:13:50 Sam in game DND Beyond Ad and Jester's racy doodles

    1:19:09 Nott's counteroffer

    1:20:09 He dies

    1:22:35 Yeah, go away

    1:25:36 As Liam tries to read with his noisy cast members

    1:25:55 Laura sure loves those jokes lol.

    1:32:20 Caleb spends a lot of time by himself "reading"

    1:35:23 Stinky Caleb meme #6

    1:36:52 Caleb decides to use the piss pot for his spell. Chorus of "eewwws"

    1:38:42 10 minutes

    1:55:29 Nott's hilarious theory

    2:00:05 Travis's old man act part 1

    2:03:30 Travis's old man act part 2

    2:31:05 You do the math

    2:32:30 Smelly burb

    2:37:10 Whisper campaign

    2:38:24 Caleb stinky meme #7 (he's embraced it)

    2:42:25 Witch's

    2:55:00 I subtitled this section of the video a while ago 🙂

    3:15:57 Oh no

    3:24:57 Close calls for Jester

    3:29:44 Oh no

    3:33:25 Smart move by Laura

    3:35:05 That's why you look

    3:42:36 That's foul

    3:47:47 The full wizard experience

    3:48:11 I think I'm gonna multiclass

  8. Context: Watching Campaign 2 for the first time.

    I have a theory that the toad-guy feeds off of people slowly throughout the show, and that the people don't notice because they're younger and full of life, as they aren't old. The circus has a no-old no-sick people policy, yes, but the no-old policy may hint that there wasn't much life force for the toad to suck, and therefore they become husks much faster. So, the guy comes a husk, yada yada. Yeah.

    That's my theory. Old people don't have enough suck, so they take the L fast.

  9. Ive never played dnd (i know the basics and how it works) or watched a group of people play, but its absolutely astounding how Matt ALWAYS comes up with a convincing ncp voice/dialog, sound effects, and battle action description off the top of his head. Im sure he has some stuff prepared, but he can just pull anything out of his sleeve at a moments notice

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