The Truth About Merch By Amazon | And Why People Fail | Print On Demand Amazon

Merch by Amazon is a great way to start an online business, but many people fail because they don’t understand the basics. In this video I share the truth about Merch By Amazon and why so many people fail. Watch it now to learn what you need to do to be successful with Merch!

The Truth About Merch By Amazon | And Why People Fail | Print On Demand Amazon

Here, I use my skills and previous experience to teach others how to make easy cash on the side through my channel.
I’m RJ Martinez, and I love helping others make money. As an online seller for over 10 years, I enjoy sharing what I have learned with others.My Print On Demand business has generated over $300,000 in profit in just the last 5 years. This is just the beginning!
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▶️How To Create A Successful Amazon Merch Listing From Scratch Now

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10 thoughts on “The Truth About Merch By Amazon | And Why People Fail | Print On Demand Amazon”

  1. MBA is dead – people aren’t selling .. your content is awesome and super helpful but it’s becoming pretty clear to people that it’s VERY hard to sell in 2022 — not to mention, you have to spend a s* ton of money on ads – FB ads are the worst, nothing but spam; on top of that, people stealing your s* …. I’m looking to sell my account because unless you get lucky with a great organic design you’re beating a dead horse —— that’s just my take on it lol —- hopefully others have a better experience ….anyone who wants to buy my account and existing designs (which are actually good and unique), let me know.

  2. Thanks to you ,juna,ryan. I had amazing success during last 3 months due to getting my designs up before the trend became popular ." Queens platinum jubilee" . I put my first designs up end of December so was already selling cpl a day during jansold 12 sales, febury 82, March 80 sales, Then Boom April 380 sales Boom Boom May 5300 yes 5.5k sales .The trend died as expected but still sold this month. I had a design in top 50 mens tshirts, and got to number 12 in tote bags.. .I put the work in early like you said in past, get in first n good things can happen.. I was tier 50 in December, now tier 1000. So made good profit this year. Problem is only a few other trends i am in sold during that time. Not complaining as i have breathing space to improve n crush it again possibly or at least get evergreens moving.. I cant thank y'all enough for helping me and all your fans. Mucho Gratziez Omigo lol.. Im from the Scottish Highlands n love your style..

  3. Anyone else having amazon sell your shirts for free ( i mean free to where I should be charged so low wth though) like Im having? Whats the point of this. Nothing but problems with merch. To me that's theft. Not on one shirt or popsocket its on several. I didnt ok that. When did this start? I sold one caught it saw zero income checked it , and its under the min price we can put. crazy. My shirt sold for $10 ok means amazon banks I got zero. That's bs. They have my popsockets at $6. They have been pulling stuff forever. Stuff not working. This has to be tec issue unless bullies up in there. non stop not funny. They messed up my holidays too where it dived to the lowest month.

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