The Week in Chia – HotBit + XCH IOUs, Chia Beta, Bladebit, NFTs + Community Apps – Chia News

This week in Chia I go over some of the historic causes behind the meteoric rise in the price of XCH on mainnet launch, which relates to the IOU markets that pumped it up like crazy early. I also give you the lowdown on the Chia Beta program that is starting with Bladebit 2. Next I delve into the NFT traits website, that has added some awesome features recently. Then I look at some new but not prior mentioned wallets that work on mobile that have been asked about often.

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Chia Mobile Wallets for Android
Pawket –
ChiaTK –
Chia iOS and Android wallets
Ozone Wallet –

Hotbit news –

10K #Chia Farm Template – 750 TiB

Chia Earnings Sheet

Enterprise Chia Farm DIY 🌱🧑‍🌾
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0:00 Chia News August 13 2022
0:30 IOU Chia price pump pre mainnet
2:10 Chia Beta Program
3:16 FarmersMarket NFT Traits
4:34 Pawket Chia Mobile Wallet
5:54 ChiaTK Mobile Wallet
6:30 Chia Tools for NFT Creators
7:45 Earnings Report Ethereum vs Chia
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  1. Good info bud! Took a little break from building my new rig to watch some videos. Got those forward cables in yesterday and will be testing them out here pretty quick!

  2. You don't think the chia price would've opened high given its issuance model regardless of the IOU? Very few coins were in circulation when the markets opened. The IOU market probably predicted this, plus chia hype and general crypto hype.

  3. I have a dell md3200 array and trying to reset it to a jbod. Any tips on how to do this? Supposed to be able to use some serial cables, putty etc but I have no idea how to do this

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