What is SPONDYLOLISTHESIS and how is it treated? Dr Furlan answers 5 questions in this video

Doctor Andrea Furlan answers 5 questions in this video:
1- Is spondylolisthesis a surgical emergency?
2- Is spondylolisthesis, spondylosis and spondylolysis the same?
3- How do I know if spondylolisthesis is the cause of my lower back pain?
4- My doctor told me I don’t need surgery, so what should I do to manage the pain?
5- Will spondylolisthesis get worse with time, and I will end up needing surgery?

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30 thoughts on “What is SPONDYLOLISTHESIS and how is it treated? Dr Furlan answers 5 questions in this video”

  1. This is very interesting. I first thought I had carpal tunnel but doing a test they found out I have no damaged nerves, I have been in 10 sessions of hand therapy, 10 sessions of physical therapy and still have pain they sent me to have an xray and saw some problems with possibly the c3 c4 and c5 of my spine now I have to get an MRI to see if that is what is indeed what is causing the pain in my fingers. I had scoliosis as a child and I know it was never fully corrected.

  2. Dra. thank you for your valuable information. What happens when I have bot things, spondylolisthesis and facet disease? I cant do forward fold or arch my back, not event twists. Its terrible, sometimes I can't sleep, the pain wouldn't allow me. Can you make a video for these 2 conditions? And or recommend me some new treatments to review? I saw somethings about disc gel and platelet injections.

  3. Sometime ago, I was a pedestrian hit by a car. I had spondylolisthesis of L3 on L4. Instead of referring me to a neurosurgeon, she prescribed me Tylenol #3 for almost a year. I had sciatica, foot drop on the affective side, and was simply labeled drug-seeking. Finally, a resident was with her & teste my reflexes. On my left leg, I had no reflexes & was finally referred to a neurosurgeon who immediately did a PLIF. I had been in agony for almost a year & could not stand upright. The surgery was, of course, very painful, and at the time physicians treated pain, unlike today. I took narcotics for a long time & pretty much quit when the pain subsided. Today, I can walk upright, have a bit of lower back pain & no healthcare provider will treat my pain. it's a shame the medical community refuses to treat pain, but I have no control about that. I've never been addicted & since I had work to do, I used narcotics that didn't affect my cognition. Docs today seem to think all patients in pain are drug addicts. I'm really tired of physicians telling me about the "opioid crisis." That does not concern me. I have spoken with a lot of patients & other healthcare providers and they, too are agonizing all the time due to their prejudices. Yes, I'm angry. That's what pain patients are being punished for, the drug addicts.

  4. I have had lumbar fusion 4 years back. I love your videos and presentations Please can you make a video explaining how to protect your back and spinal fusion with do’s and don’t s after such an operation.

  5. My Pain is in my Lower Back, Hip and down my Left Leg. I have a hard time Walking and Standing. The Pain feels like an Accordian…Compression of the Discs which increasing the Pain.I was Diagnosed with Spondylosis but my MRI showed 3 Buldging Discs due to Degenerative Discs. Which Videos do you recommend for this?
    You are very informative! Thank you!!

  6. Thank you, doctor, for your informative explanation of the different major lumbar problems. I had major back (lumbar) surgery 7 years ago involving a three-level fusion including placement of six large screws and other stabilizing hardware; partial disk removals; and clearing of some stenosis along a nerve route. Now, I have the same problems (this time one level lower) and most likely will need major surgery again. (sigh) I do have pain radiating to my left hip and groin area when I walk. I've had an X-Ray and MRI and I've had two Epidurals in the last six weeks that have not helped the sciatica-type pain. The surgeon suggested the possibility of therapy but I will now ask him exactly which "spondy" do I have and if therapy will really work, or is surgery my only real option to allow me to stand straight and to walk without pain, again… Again, thank you for clarifying the differences that I may have a better understanding about more informed questions I need to ask my doctor.

  7. Why these medical terms r so dangerous n scary to hear…?Who made these words??😡..Those patients would die out of fear by hearing these words before the diseases even react…What wrong with simple n easy terms?…Seriously..!

  8. Ola Doutora, muito grato pela excelente explanacao e clareza. Voce poderia indicar especialista na Australia. Eu tenho essa condicao devido a posicao da remada no surfe (constante extencao). Bastante dor lombar no momento, contratura muscular. Male, 43y.o., Gold Coast.

  9. Spondylolisthesis mainly means osteopenia or osteoporosis. In simple words, the size of vertebrae, body bones are reduced and they slip by compressing the nerve root. It usually occurs in 90% of cases in the vertebrae 1 to 5, ie in the lower part. My 85-year-old mother did 2 surgeries, they put 6 nails in her and then 1 was removed because it was our fault. We did not look at the osteoporosis that also had osteopenia. He has pains because 6 months have passed and we do exercises that you show. They are perfect. Do not forget the calcium that the body lacks after 40 years.

  10. Dr Andrea thank you for your videos, I have spd., L5-S1, for years, (12) I lifted a heavy box with a person, we climb 6 stairs and I felt the pain in my lower back, felt all kind of sensations, in my legs, I went to the doctor after a week and explain about my problem, I was in therapy almost 2 years, I felt good and continue with my job routines, lift, drive pull, push materials, I work in building maintenance, and this year I have the pain in my legs again, lower back, special when I stand up, I went for RX, and told me my vertebrae L5 moves, S1, but compare with exams while ago, looks the same, I feel better when I saw your video and explain, about the pain can managed with theraphy, I am 65 years, one doctor told me yes for operation, and another said no, I believe in God also make miracles, thank you for your time, help us a lot 🙏🌹

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