Why Your Facebook Group Is Failing and How to Fix It

Has your Facebook group engagement dropped off? Want to inject new life into your community? Discover some of the biggest mistakes businesses make with Facebook Groups and how to fix them.

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00:00 Intro
07:50 Why Build Your Community With Facebook Groups
11:53 Common Facebook Group Mistakes to Avoid
19:03 Setting Boundaries for Facebook Group Posts and Engagement
26:08 How to Facilitate Valuable Facebook Group Engagement
35:55 Facebook Group Post Examples

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6 thoughts on “Why Your Facebook Group Is Failing and How to Fix It”

  1. Michael and Dana, this was a great episode. Thanks for all the great tips. Although I now have loads of changes to make, I am grateful to have learned about what's working now rather than being stuck with what I was doing over a decade ago.

  2. Great conversation! Thank you! What a wonderful exciting personality Dana has! Hope we'll have another opportunity to see her and listen to her advice.

  3. Thank you very much for this video talking about FB groups, I want to ask you a question since you have a lot of information, do you know if FB is going to monetize the groups?

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