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Dear Fellow Marketer,

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s no doubt you’re familiar with Facebook.

Facebook has become a daily part of most of our lives for talking with friends, colleagues, and reconnecting with people we haven’t seen in a long time.

Not only is Facebook a great place to connect with people, but it can also be a great way to generated lot of targeted traffic to your business.


What’s that?

You’ve tried to advertise on Facebook before and the results were less than what you had hoped for?

Many marketers have tried their hands at Facebook ads, but struggled to generated traffic and ultimately sales… And most of the time they are just losing money without get the exact result that they dream.

There are a couple of reason for this…

Facebook is changing all of the time… sadly, much of the information published about Facebook advertising is out of date and just not relevant any longer.

Plus, Facebook ads are just the BEGINNING…

There is so much more opportunity to build your list, generate traffic, and ultimately make sales with Facebook without losing a single penny AS I TOLD BEFORE!

And this is the exact reason I made an ultimate Facebook traffic secret called FB Traffic Machine


Facebook Traffic Machine

The Secret Software Top Online Marketers & Small Businesses Are Using To Generate Traffic!

FB Traffic Machine Turns Your Facebook Account into a Robust Traffic Generating Platform

While Free Traffic Generating Tools & Method Continue to Come and Go…

Facebook is Still Relevant and IS NOT Possible IGNORE!

It Can Be Used in Every Aspect of Your Business

All-in-One Dashboard

No need to post different pages, groups, fb timeline manually. Now you have all 4 types of facebook post, schedule, post status are under one roof in FB Traffic Machine!

The Worlds Most Effective & Powerful Traffic Generation Machine.

Now Enhanced by the World’s Most Powerful Features!

Support Four Post Types

You know facebook is one of the best platform which support Four different types of post. Now you can schedule any of them directly inside your facebook traffic machine account.

Report Posts

Get statistical success rate of the posts. So that you can make great decision about your advertisement. FB Traffic Machine also help you to check how many like, share and comment you get on each and every post.

Time Based Re-post Option 

Lets you automatically post back as per your time schedule without having to post back. You know your first post go down when you make second, third, fourth or more post. This Automatic Re-post system help you to Boost Your post from last to first again.

Create Post With Live Preview

Creating new post is so much easier because when you will create new post then for each type of post will show you the live preview. So, that you can make changes instantly to give the post more sexy look.

Time Based Post Option

Time based post option help you to setup automation. It means you can create post right now and make it live later. Once you setup the time then it will automatically publish as per your setup date and time.

Post into multiple pages, group and profiles

Publish your post over 100's of pages, group and profile in a single click. You just need to select the pages, groups and profile where you want to post your advertisement and then click the publish button. FB Traffic Machine do all the rest...

So How Much is FB Traffic Machine Worth to You

At the back end of this powerful software, you will discover exactly what you need to generate thousands of Facebook traffic without losing a single dollar. NOTHING is left out!

You will be able to send traffic to your customer website and charge them for that.

Grab you copy of FB Traffic Machine while you still can

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Facebook Traffic Machine FE

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Here's What Our Customer Say About FB Traffic Machine

Name of the app: FB traffic Machine
Price: 37 usd (early-bird price)
Access: Web-based

Here is my honest review. I got access week ago and after hard testing with all possible functions inside admin panel (this is web-based app) I can give you my thought's about how it's working:

1 Big PLUS no need to buy VPS or keep your PC turned on cause this app web-based. Most app require for work PC or VPS and some additional options like getting fb token. With FB Traffic Machine you don't need even get access token from FB developer panel cause there is already available bult-in feature which is allow to get access token with few clicks.

2 Web interface working smoothly without any delay and interface bug's. I think now it's working so fine cause there is a small member's which is using app right now. But hope on the feature developer's can keep power of this app with the same speed even for 1000 users

3 Support is amazing. I have many app's and many member access which is provide support for their products. But before i saw only 2 good tech supporters and now it's three. Here is just one 1 developer and 1 tech support guy/creator of idea. Even now he so speedy and can reply for more than 10's member's. Tech support include fb chatting, skype and even team viewer help. But I think video inside admin panel will be enough. I have some trouble with playlist for watching video course. But author help me with problem and share each link separately.

4 Another big advantages is:
a)for posting Clickable Images (drive traffic directly to your offer instead showing pop-up picture) and allow to post those images not only to yours groups/pages but on other's too.
b) The same about video's. And it's using fb proper crop size for showing full video without any issue.
c) Time features like timezone/time delay/repeat time posting is big big deal especially for those who are prefer to work with safety. Spammer's stay away from FB :)

5 Author always open up for new feature request's and fixing issues as fast as they see it. Within 1 weeks founded a lot of issues and fixed them with 2 more features. This is really fast as for me cause I saw how is worker team of Mass Planner and it wasn't so fast about fixing problem and adding features.

Erica Brown

Take Action NOW!

Get Lifetime Access for $197.00 $37.00

Facebook Traffic Machine FE

But again, please don’t delay…
This is structured as a dime sale, so the price is going up with every purchase. Click the button above now and start using FB Traffic Machine to generate traffic and sales TODAY! If you come back tomorrow, the investment to get access will be higher…

To your online success!
Samir Chandra Halder

Some Common Questions our Customers Ask

  • q-iconDoes it have any tutorial so that I can use it properly?

    Yes, we already made step by step tutorial for our FB Traffic Machine Platform. Into our tutorial we showed each and every step so that you can use it properly.
  • q-iconWhy should I be marketing on Facebook?

    Facebook is big and getting bigger. Not only that, users are extremely engaged and targeted. There’s never been a better time than now to start marketing with Facebook… if you know how to do it the right way.
  • q-iconWho should get FB Traffic Machine?

    Anyone who has struggled to get traffic or losing money with facebook ads and also searching a solution to get free facebook traffic to their website… This is also great for newbies, affiliate marketers, product owners, or even offline business owners. Almost anyone can use FB Traffic Machine to tap into thousands of targeted people from the facebook pages, groups and from their own timeline.
  • q-iconHow quickly can I begin seeing results?

    You can begin seeing results as soon as TODAY!
  • q-iconHow much is this?

    It all starts at just $37, but the price of admission is increasing… If you come back tomorrow, FB Traffic Machine will cost you more money, so don’t delay.
  • q-iconIs it charge me for monthly basis?

    No, For this early bird launch you will get lifetime membership of FB Traffic Machine. That means you just need to paid $37 today and you will be able to use this for lifetime.
  • q-iconIs there a guarantee?

    Yes, you get a full 30 days to decide if this is for you. If for any reason, or no reason at all, you’re not 100% satisfied, simply let us know and we’ll refund every penny of your investment. No questions asked.
  • q-iconHow do I get instant access to FB Traffic Machine today?

    It’s simple! Click the button below now to get started…

Get Lifetime Access for $197.00 $37.00

Facebook Traffic Machine FE

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